Fodmap advice is not offered by the NHS in Scotland?!!

I went back to my GP today to ask again about a dietician or nutritionist who could help me with the fodmap diet. I was told again, that unless I am morbidly obese or diabetic I was not entitled to help with my diet, despite the pain I am in with ibs. I am really angry, 7 years I have suffered and it is getting worse, I now suffer migraines and sciatica pains. In 7 years, the gastro consultant has seen me only 3 times, each time they change my meds slightly, but never follow up whether this has been successful, how can they with 18 months in between each appointment? Last week I bloated 7 pounds overnight and I have not been able to shift this. It is sore and uncomfortable. I have tried anti-depressants, laxatives and fibre, nothing works, so I have given up (again) with the NHS and realise that I will have to find the answers myself. All the advice on this network has been far more informative that what the NHS offers, particularly as they think I am neurotic and imagining the symptoms. Back to the fodmaps, food is the evil culprit.

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  • So sorry to hear that you're getting nowhere with your GP. Is there no other doctor in the practice you could see? Also, could you not argue to be referred because you have a gastrointestinal disorder or food intolerances? What I'm saying is, is it possible to find out what the referral criteria are - they are certainly more than obesity and diabetes - and fit your symptoms into one of those? If he refers me for anything, my GP is always very concerned about justifying the referral, so, if you can do this it might help. Just a thought. I hope you manage to get somewhere. Take care.

  • Thanks for your response Genevieve, I have seen two GPs and both have said the same, and both have criticised the logic of it. The criteria is morbidly obese or diabetic, not food intolerant. I am due to see the gastro consultant, although I have been waiting for over 6 months, I will bring it up with her. Last time I saw her she advised eating a mixture made with prunes, dates, sultanas and raisin all blended in orange juice? So I am not at all hopeful. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, I assume that you have been referred to a dietician?

  • That is just pants! Hope you can try another GP at the practice? Print some stuff off about FODMAPS from one of the big hospital websites and take it with you for back up proof.

    Failing that get them to refer you to a gastroenterologist who will for sure then refer you to a dietician.

  • Yes, ibsr, it is total pants! I tried tow GPs. I have been referred to a gastroenterologist, who I have seen 3 times in 7 years! Not a high priority. Perhaps I need to become morbidly obese?!! With overnight bloats of up to 7 pounds, it wouldn't take long.

  • No, Bibabunny, I haven't been referred to a dietician. I had a severe flare-up in September last year and, because of my age, had lots of tests - including being referred to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy, which was clear. So, I'm now back under the care of my GP. I take it that your GP has done tests to rule out various diseases? Some hospitals have IBS clinics, I believe, but not mine. When it was decided that it was IBS, my GP simply said to eat healthily - which wasn't particularly helpful. However, my IBS has improved since then, thankfully, and the Mebeverine which he prescribed seems to help me. I just watch what I eat and try to avoid what I know will affect me. If I get another flare-up, or things get worse, then I will be straight back to the GP. I agree with ibsr, print off information and take it with you to your GP appointment. I've done this in the past. The site has lots of information about IBS and, more importantly, it is used by GPs. You will see that there are a lot of different treatments available. I also spent some time writing my symptoms down and presented the doctor with them, rather than trying to remember everything. This meant that he had to sit and read it, going through each symptom and giving me the opportunity to discuss it. Might be worth a try. Good luck.

  • Thanks, I will have a wee look and give it a shot.

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