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IBS-c and stress flare up


I was diagnosed just before Christmas with Ibs-c. I've completely changed my diet and on consultants advice cut out dairy. This had made an incredible difference, I'm no longer foggy and lethargic and the sickness and constipation had dramatically improved.

Stupidly my partner and I are on the process of buying a new house but long story short... All in line to exchange yesterday and we've been outbid and lost the the money we've put into it.

I've been up all night with sickness and diarreah - is this the IBS flaring up? And what can I do? I feel so awful I'm having to call sick into work

Thanks in advance

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Oh my goodness you poor thing, I am so sorry for the stress you must be going through at this very moment, no wonder you have had a flare up.. Buying a home is one of the worst stressful situations, really nerve racking and devastating when all the planning and hopes fall through, particularly at the last minute.

tHere is nothing I can say to make you feel better I,know but hang in there and try and weather the storm, it will be very difficult for you both, I hope you haven't lost too much money..that must be a real worry as well, so much care and planning goes into buying a home.

Be extra kind to each other at this difficult time especially when you,feel,so,unwell..life is definitely full of ups and downs and your better times could just be round the corner.

Tashstee, keep in touch..take care both of you this is a difficult patch and painfull, better times to come ..I've had property setbacks so I really understand.

Hather x


It's stress. It's a normal reaction to the situation you are in. I'm so sorry things have gone wrong with your house purchase you must be very upset.

Make sure you stick to your new diet plan if it was working well before then I'm sure you will feel better soon. Good luck.


Take control of the small things in your life ,what you wear and the day

Try and put this nastiness in a compartment and shut the door especially at night which is the worst time


Poor you Tash but I would say this is exactly the type of situation that affects the gut! Stress can most definitely influence the working of the bowels ..... Our second brain.... You may have heard of it. Treat your gut sensitively now especially, don't give it too much work to do whilst it's in a state of flux.

Concentrate on what's going on around you and putting it into perspective. What can you actually do about the situation? ..... Not much I'd say. Life's not fair at times but it is how we cope with it that matters. Good luck ...


I have the same symptoms as yourself with I b s your upset now will pass ! Stress is an almost impossible thing to control but when over you will be fine again I don't ever write a comment hope this helps you just seemed like myself

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