New to this... so worried!

Hello everyone-

I'm Tati- I'm 31 and overall healthy. I have major health anxiety and on Halloween I was struck with the stomach flu- so was my husband- we went on a 2 week trip (to Florida) and when we came back, I got another stomach bug, but this time it was just horrible diarreah and I felt miserable. At this point, I was terrified of something worse being the cause. I went to my doctor and she explained that because my immunity was low, i was prone to more stomach bugs. A week or so after, I had diarreah again (just one episode). During all of this time (from my stomach flu to then) I had HORRID, I mean HORRID anxiety. I saw her again and she told me that she thought I had anxiety induced IBS. I should mention that even before my stomach flu, I had uncomfortable dull pain for months on the right quadrant of my abdomen-- it would move around put it was mostly to the right of my belly button and under my ribs. I had an ultrasound (organs on my right side except my intestines because at that time I wasn't having digestive issues). Everything came back normal. These past three days have been so uncomfortable and my anxiety is unbearable. Curious if anyone has experienced anything like this or has any input for me? I just emailed my doctor asking for a blood/stool and a full abdominal ultrasound to make sure everything is fine just to calm my nerves. Thank you.

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  • You need to support your adrenals, take saccharomyces boulardii to stop the diarrhoea and a good probiotic. Message me if you want more info

  • Thank you so much. I am currently taking probiotics but I'm not sure how strong they are- good 'ol Culturelle 2 times a day. I haven't looked into saccharomyces but I will read up on it. I've also ordered olive leaf extract and tumeric capsules. I appreciate your help!

  • What symptoms are you currently experiencing now?

    Anxiety can sometimes cause IBS, especially if it coincides with a bout of gastroenteritis. It's a really good thing that you know you have health anxiety, but sometimes just knowing something doesn't always help. What are you doing to manage that?

  • Currently, I have weird abdominal discomfort and constipation. I also have low back discomfort. Along with the random stabbing pain on the right of my belly button. Along with this, my anxiety has been worse than it has been in years. I start counseling on 1/3 and I can't wait. I feel that at this point, if the counseling doesn't help then I definitely need medication for anxiety since the more anxious I am the more discomfort I feel. Thank you for your kind reply.

  • Hello. I have similar issues. Discomfort under rib cage, right hand side and back discomfort. All started from a stomach bug 1 year ago. Had 2 scans since and numerous blood tests but all comes back clear. Had online based counselling as it was deemed I had health anxiety. I cant say that worked to be honest. The pain comes and goes. It came back 1 week ago and probably the most uncomfortable it has been this year. Extremely frustrating as I don't know what to do about it. Aiming to book up to see the doctor, but I guess that will be another 2 week wait or more. If I could take a pill to ease the pain it would be good. If anyone has has similar....any ideas would be appreciated. I initially thought IBS but I can eat OK and bowel movements absolutely fine

  • Hi, I'm sorry you not feeling good.

    I'm in my 30s too, and along with fibromyalgia I also have ibs, which I think goes hand-in-hand. Mine is the opposite of yours being that I suffer from constipation, but the right side pain I completely understand. I ended up in the emergency room because the pain was so extreme on my right Front side and under my ribs as well. They couldn't find anything through the ultra sound. After all the testing coming up with nothing they told me they thought it was intestinal spasms. Not sure if that helps. I do feel like the more we stress the more symptoms become worse . I hope you feel better.

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