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diarrhea new symptom

Has anyone else suddenly started having diarrhea after only experiencing looser stools in a flare. its only happened twice this week about 2/3 hours after a meal and it is just the once but it has freaked me.

I am a terrible worrier and am literally shaking internally over this convinced it is the worst scenario. Funnily the nightime pain and waves of pain I had have eased but I wondered if you could collect new symptoms each flare. Saw my consultant last week before this new symptom and he said I had ibs.

Have had abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds and an occult faeces blood test all clear but we have had such a dreadful year I was diagnosed with breast cancer through routine screening in Feb and am now a nervous wreck. I take arimidex which I wonder if this has caused it.


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Hi, I am having the exact same problem at the moment. I was googling IBS symptoms on my break at work today. I am always worried about my symptoms and have had a couple of really bad days with diarrhea after a few weeks of the opposite problem. I have just started taking pro biotics this week and blamed that but wonder if its stress causing mine as I have lots of over time coming up at work. I have has IBS for over 20 years and the symptoms are forever changing. I had a colonoscopy around 3 years ago and have had several other tests, all of which were fine. I'm thinking about hypnotherapy to help anxiety problems. I did read something about artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol making ibs symptoms worse too, especially during a flare up, not sure if this is so , but I did have chewing gum yesterday... Apparently nutra sweet and other artificial sweeteners should be avoided too. I hope your symptoms improve.


1st answer is good. I only started diar, after a under consultant annoyed me I've worked out its inner stress you don't see it. Anything ending in "ol" is not good,,,


I have had this pain under the rib cage on the right back half way down to the waistline. It worried me until I read the letters that many people have this, have been checked out and nothing was found.

So I thought could it be cramp? I sprayed the area with Magnesium chloride and also my legs, as this helps absorbing the Magnesium. It helped me getting back to sleep. In the morning I took 2 capsules Coral Calcium, which contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, boron and perhaps other minerals too. and a few drops of the Magnesium chloride in water, again at lunchtime. Much better, took it again the following day twice and the pain has totally gone.

Dr. Sircus of IMVA says we are all short of Magnesium and Iodine and many other symptoms can be helped a great deal with Bicarbonate of Soda. For IBS I would try to find ways for my body to heal itself. It built itself from nothing, the blueprint is still there. Give your body Colloidal Minerals, full spectrum Vitamins, including high strength antioxidants. Read food labels, do not touch foods containing MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).Almost all ready made meals contain this. (Flavour enhancer) Destrys the pancreas. Has many other names too. Google it. Steer clear of Aspartame, Candrell and other artificial sugars, reduce all sugar. To heal your gut take MSM. Google it, some kind of sulfur.Great healer. There are many products you can try, which will not harm you and only you can feel whether they help or not. Take care of your own health. Your doctor has to feel himself into a new person and their symptoms every 10 minutes or so. He is not a magician. Doctor yourself, read, learn and try things out. Natural products will not harm you.

Breast cancer found with a Mammogram may be something called insitu carcenoma, or similar name, (google it) which is fairly harmless. Learn more from the website of Dr. Simoncini curenaturalicancro.com/, another site naturalnews.com/024536_canc... .

Soak in a bath to which you have added 3 cup fulls of Bicarbonate of Soda. Make your body alkaline. Our body fluids should have a ph of 7.6 to 7.8 I think it is. Try things for yourself and see how you feel.

Above all, try to feel happy. enjoy the sunshine.




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