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New symptom??

Hi All.....

Some good news for those of you experiencing IBS due to stress.

I was fortunate to be able to remove a huge stressor from my life and it most definitely helped tremendously with my IBS. So.......stress is most definitely a contributing factor, at least it was for me.

Now........recently I have been having a stitch in my middle back which radiates around my right rib cage. At the ribcage area my skin is hyper hyper sensitive to the touch. I have no rash like one would get with shingles and it does seem to correspond with an IBS flare.

Has anyone else experienced this????

Thanks and be well everyone!

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There's a condition called 'zoster sin herpete' which is shingles without the rash, try googling it as I think there are several sites about it. A friend had this only last year, until then I'd never heard of it.


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ps. What did you do for the stress!? Mine is almost definitely stress related, and I'm currently on the low FODMAP Diet. I'm wondering if my problem won't be sorted by diet, it seems to be taking longer than I would have liked.

Cheers, Nobiker


I'm the exact same! Mine is definitely caused by stress, but getting physically ill makes me even more stressed!! The whole things driving me crazy, I've been housebound for 3 months now and its just makes me feel worse. I have a councillor who helps but when I feel the stress coming on there seems to be no stopping it :(


Stress is hands down the hardest thing to control with IBS. Stress can be managed with medications but I am not one to ever say take more meds. I would always try to manage stress with other means first.

Working out... Physical activity... Meditation... And removing the stressor are the first steps.

The next is the hardest and that is not to allow yourself to let gut issues increase your stress. That is the hardest part as it will always be very stressful dealing with IBS etc. You just need to accept the issues will happen and deal with them the best you can on your way to control or recovery.


Hello pseudenim,

Like you I don't respond well to the illness which is a consequence of the stress and it's a vicious circle! Please don't stay housebound!!

Thank you for your reply, and stay well.


My IBS is stress related too and I have found that it makes no difference what I eat - which is in a way a plus point. From what I have read FODMAPS does not help everyone. Bburzcki is quite right in what he says - the important thing is to try not to give in to the stress and let it take over your life. He makes some very good points. I swim nearly every day which is a good way of relaxing but each of us will have our own ways of taking exercise. I have also found a little book by Sarah Rayner called "Making Friends with Anxiety" is very helpful. You can get it from Amazon.


Many thanks Brandywell, it would be very easy to let this thing take over your life and the danger is that it takes over the lives of those closest to you which adds even more stress and so it goes! I have re started yoga which I find is great - but maybe it shouldn't be t as strenuously as I did last night!! I also walk every day, having a dog is a help.

I am determined that I will not become a victim of this - but there are times, when the pain starts up again, and at the moment it's daily when with the best will in the world it's difficult.......

I will certainly check out the book, and I'll give the diet another couple of months and try to stay positive. It helps to know it's not just me. Thank you.



hello, Not quite the same, but similar. My main symptom of IBS (apart from the trapped wind, bloating, and general pain in various places, is a stitch like pain radiating to the back in the left rib area. The curious thing is a creeping ant crawling sensation on the stomach, No pain, but these things are often connected. This pain comes and goes depending on what I am doing.

Yours does sound a bit like shingles though.

Good luck,



Hi nobiker

I haven't heard of the "crawling ant"sensation with IBS but had that when

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia,


I also have stress related ibs, i have tried fodmaps, clean eating, cutting out sugar, dairy, wheat& gluten, none of it helped.

I find gentle exercise helps, and i have taken big stressers out of my life as well which has helped.

I also get awful stabbing pain at the bottom left of my ribcage, its worse some days& not always constant. wonder what this could be?


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