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Antiacids and diarrhea


Hello I am new to writing on here, evening though i have been following posts for ages. I have been suffering with diarrhoea, for many years, which was extremely frustrating. But writing about my experience with antacids tablets(rennies), I used to take them everyday for many years, thinking they where helping me with acid re-flux, I would prob get through a packet, a day, could say i was kinda of addicted to them, thinking they where relieving me from the discomfort of heartburn, but the last view years, they have been making me ill, i would get constant, diarrhoea, regular kidney stone, and i would have a constant dry mouth due to the chalk,tablets, and they where making me vomit as well, as they where bloating my stomach up. so i no longer take them.

Haven't had one for 6 weeks, now, feeling benefit, my acid reflux has gotten better, i am less bloated, and constantly hungry, and started putting on weight again, maybe coincident.but thought i better mention this, so if you think you are in the same situation, try cutting antiacids down see if that help.ut i was also suffering with a lot gerd. it has even helped to stop my diarrhea, thought it was worth mentioning/

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Make sure you wash your hands after every bowel movement as you could be re-infecting yourself ,ditch antacids try Imodium 1 tab after each bowel movement ,read the instructions and follow cheapest to buy at Lidles

Ekky in reply to Ekky

Ant acids and diarrhea

Hi there, glad to see that you're getting better with your symptoms. Just want to suggest one thing how to deal with acids with home remedy . Squeeze half of a lemon juice into a glass of warm water every morning and have it half an hour before breakfast. My friend has had an issue with high acidity and she was constantly on prescribed medications for it. When I suggested lemon and warm water to her, she looked at me as I'm an idiot and tried to explain to me that it will worsen her condition. However, I persuaded her and she had a go. And you know what? In the last year she has taken only 5 pills from her prescription and feels amazingly great. So, I would say if you suffer with acidity have a try. Remember has to be warm water and no way cold as it will give an opposite effect. Good luck 😉

SueMount in reply to Kris77

I am going to try this. I had a terrible night last night with acid. Once it starts I just can't get rid of it. I have been awake all night. I am exhausted this morning. I suffer with IBS D all the time. I have to be very careful what tablets I take as everything seems to make the D worse. This sounds like a natural way so I will give it ago.

Ekky in reply to SueMount

No food after 7 pm, you need at least 3 pillows on your bed, I've known my wife to sit up in bed,and to suck a mint sweet,foxes mints

SueMount in reply to Ekky

Yes I tried that last night. I even got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs and walked around for a while. It started at about 12.30 last night and eased at about 8.30 this morning. No sleep. Exhausted

Kris77 in reply to SueMount

Bless you, hope you feel better today. Let me know how it goes with lemon- hopefully it will work for you. The results will not be instant, takes a bit of time... but hey, fingers crossed!!! Good luck 😉

SueMount in reply to Kris77

started on the lemon and water today , i am feeling better this morning as I managed a good nights sleep last night.

I had this too and when I cut out wheat my heartburn stopped! I also switched from ibuprofen to paracetamol as found ibuprofen caused problems too. X

SueMount in reply to Nicki1984

If you have IBS anti inflammatory ( Ibuprofen) drugs are the worse thing to take. Paracetamol should be much better for you.

My problem was diah., never any issues with indigestion, heartburn etc. however, I'm dairy allergic, if I had a cuppa out found most cafes offer soya milk as a DF alternative and would get really bad heartburn within the hour. I now have a Chilli bottle & take my own cashew milk out with me. My pharmacist advised Immodium tablets/calsules contain lactose so I switched to Immodium instants which don't.

Jane2510 in reply to shaughnessy

Immodiim made my stomach worse! On holiday a few years back I ate something which started a flare up so I took Imodium - the pain the runs etc where worse I've had! Thank goodness my flight was cancelled for 4 hrs as I spent all that time in airport loo!!

Ekky in reply to Jane2510

Are you taking the Imodium correctly read the instruction that are in the box capsules/tablets are taken after bowel movement

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