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Burning diarrhea



I was wondering if anyone else experienced pain and burning diarrhea or "just" severe diarrhea after eating fatty food?

I have this problem for many years but I still couldn't figure it out what cause it.

Probably it's a gallbladder issue. But I'm not sure if the undigested fat or the bile makes the diarrhea and the burning.

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If you are concerned, you should see a gastroenterologist. We are not doctors and cannot diagnose problems.

Kentaro in reply to b1b1b1

I wasn't asking for a diagnose. I was asking for experiences.

Anyway I already saw at least 5 gastroenterologists.

But thanks for the advice.

I suffered this for months on end, it took over my life eventually and made so miserable. I’ve had all the normal tests which apart from some inflammation in a sample everything was normal. For the past 3 weeks I’ve cut out sugar from my diet but just the obvious ones but all the hidden sugars you’d be surprised are hidden in mist of what we eat. I cannot explain what a breakthrough this has been, it’s amazing, I feel normal, I am normal and to top off the stomach my skins sorted itself out too!!! I would recommend everyone with IBS at least gives this a go. Good Luck!! X

A_IBS in reply to Redhead80

So possibly Candida?

Redhead80 in reply to A_IBS

I was tested for this in a private clinic as I was convinced but No!! I think just an intolerance, especially to the sugar substitutes they stick in low fat stuff.

A_IBS in reply to Redhead80

It’s a mind field isn’t it. So glad for you that you found something that works though! That’s half the battle!

Forestina in reply to Redhead80

I am going through the same. Slowly realising what sets off the sweats and cramping with the inevitable result. Quickly realising just how pervasive sugar can be, even in bread. Food has become like an enemy and shopping horrendous. Even too much fruit can affect me but artificial sugars are the worst. Low sugar processed food is poison

Yeah sometimes after hot spicy food like currys or chilli. They definately cause a burning bottom, along with diarrhra.

I've had chronic, almost uncontrollable diarrhea for years. Dr. finally put me on Welchol. Three pills before meals, twice a day. It's a miracle! Cured my diarrhea totally!!!!

Thanks for all the replies. The sugar can be one of the problem.

But my symptoms get really worse after fatty meals. Like few slice of pizza or a big burger.

Hi, yes, I experience this. My Gastro said it is usually fatty/greasy food or undigested food. Then he said something about "dumping syndrome" which I did not understand clearly. Will have to research or Google. To help alleviate the burning, try a barrier between the sensitive skin and diarrhea by applying a little bit of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and I usually drink alot of water/Gatorade to make it a little less burning, stools more soft.

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