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Change from Mebeverine to Buscopan

My GP has suggested I try Buscopan instead of Mebeverine. I took the Mebeverine for 10 months, 3 times a day 20 mins before eating. He suggested I start with 1 Buscopan 3 times a day but it doesn't say if it needs to be before meals or do i just take it if the IBS falres up?

I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy in the summer which were clear so my GP is pretty sure it's IBS. I am trying to follow a FODMAP diet, although I can drink milk, eat yoghurt( but not very cheap ones!) and eat white bread. If I try and stick to the FODMAP things are fairly calm, but it flares badly if I eat something I shouldn't ( I found gravy a problem recently!) I also take Sertraline 50mg and have found I feel far less stressed

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I also have a problem with gravy real bad d after it. Regarding the buscopan I take mine before meals if I am having problems.


Hi I find buscopan works just the same taken before or after meals but I tend to only use it if I am having a flare up rather then every day as like with any medications the body gets reliant on it. Anthony worrell thompson does a gluten and dairy free beef gravy that I find ok and Sainsbury's have started selling free from gravy again but we are all individiuals and it is a case of seeing what suits you. Best of luck.


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