Mebeverine Confusion. Help!

Hello, I was diagnosed with IBS 7 years ago and have been taking Mebeverine (3 X daily) ever since and have always thought it helped me. However, earlier this year I started to get acid reflux too. I have now been told that Mebeverine causes half of your bowel to stay in spasm, therefore relieving the trots but causing a 'misalignment' and this is whats then causing the acid reflux. Has anybody else heard this? I've had an awful year with my IBS/acid reflux and reacted so terribly to the medication given to me by my GP for the acid reflux that I am weaning myself off it. The thought that the mebeverine could be making me more ill is scaring me so much! I'm so confused! Please help.....

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  • Im also on Mebeverine and havent heard this, my doctor told me they stop the spasms and imflimation of the intestines.

    Every now and then thou, i get acid reflux but when i had a bad spout it was because the vits i was taking contained loads of acid.

    I find having a rennie before you eat helps and then and hour after eating if still bad.

    Im unsure if the acid has a connection to the medication its just an IBS thing when we bloat or have flare ups

  • Thanks for getting back to me. It's all so confusing! I'm thinking I might try and drop one of my mebeverine with my smallest meal for a couple of weeks and then another and another and see what happens. Lets hope I don't regret it!!!!

  • You can always go back to three if need be.

  • Hi..I don't know anything about the Mebeverine medicine, but if you say that you have issues of acid reflux, I would say try some fennel seed powder after every meal. I generally have acid reflux sometime, I take 1 tbsp of fennel seed powder with some water after every meal 3 times a day. Fennel is known to provide coolness to body, so it helps to relax the intenstines and stomach. You can google it out about fennel seed helping with acid reflux.

    Hope it helps!

  • Me verberine made my systems much worse and causes more irritation

  • Oh isn't it so confusing!been there done that! One thing I have learnt is very small meals regularly, no onion, do not lie down for several hours after eating. Also it down on fat n your dietWishing you well

  • HI

    BEEN TAKING MEBEVERINE 3 X A DAY FOR YEARS also in night if ibs spasms kick in and keep me awake. never had acid reflux.You could try 1/2 tab 20 mins before a meal and see if helps. not sure your acid problem is due to this medicine. talk over with GP.

    Are you avoiding spicy foods, gassy drinks, coffee, ?

    hope this helps. been up n down with ibs this month. suspecting artifical sugar an tomatoe skins the cause.


  • My diet is so 'plain' it's ridiculous! Thanks so much for all your comments x

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