Fybogel/mebeverine plus buscopan

Hi all, my Dr has just prescribed the fybogel mebeverine mix to try and I have been taking it for four days now. The thing is I feel more bloated than I did before and it is supposed to help consitpation which again doesn;t seem to have helped. Buscopan usually works well for me for spasms so I really want to take some of that now but not sure I should be mixing the two?

any suggestions or experience would be welcome,



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  • i took fybgel,made me very bloated so i stopped it bloating went

  • I also took fybogel and was bloated and my stools were so bulky that I felt ill when passing them. I use flaxseed now and am regular. Have just returned form Greece, where I had olive oil on salad and I'm sure that helped so I incorporate a glug each day. Wonderful to be normal again. You'll find the right combination.

  • I understand that some people do feel like that in the first few days. I have been using it for eight days now and it has just started to make the difference. I only use one pack a day though.

  • Hi thanks for you responses, I am going yo give it a couple of weeks and see if it settles, I gave got terrible pain today though but have been to loo about four times passing hard stools each time! :((

  • My current GP and dietician both agree that Fybogel can aggrevate IBS symptoms in some people. It did with me. Problem is that you do need to give it a good period of time (at least a few weeks) to see if any improvement comes. Ensure you drink plenty of fluids and avoid coffee (tea seems to be OK) and see if you settle back down. Also, if you haven't tried already, a low FODMAP diet can help with bloating. Again plenty of fluids are key otherwise removal of some of the dietary fibre that does cause bloating can also lead to further constipation. Hope this helps a bit.

  • Fybogel made my symptoms much worse. So much bloating and still constipated. The best for constipation is higher doses of magnesium citrate or oxide. It's the only thing I use now after many years of trying different medications both natural and proscription.

  • Yes it certainly seems to be having that effect on me so far and mebeverine is nowhere near as good as buscopen! Might look into magnesium citrate, not gone down that route before, thanks

  • May also try FODMAP diet, heard lots of positive things about this

  • I've never heard of mebeverine - but Fybogel nonono! I can't understand why docs would ever prescribe this for constipation. It bulks up by using high fibre - if you're constipated its fair to say you're already bulked up enough!! From my experience, the most effective, fast working medicine I've taken for constipation is Movicol. When I'm really really bad I take about 6 sachets in a day, it takes about 24 hours to work. Lactulose is also effective but can take about a week to work, depending on how slow your tract is/how badly constipated you are. I also take Buscopan to help with spasms - good stuff. When my IBS was C prominent I found that it was often due to a lack of fluids - may sound obvious but make sure you're always drinking plenty of water! All the best x

  • Best to check with your doctor. My son find mebeverine works for him when he got spasm. Fybogel does not seem that effective but I think that is because he had impaction which movicol in high dosage of 6-8 satchel clears it out . But the agony he had to go through is harsh. last year, there was a very very nasty bug in the gut that buscopen works better but can't remember what the bug was called but most assumed it's ibs. my child had gone constipated for 30 days until the hospital finally do something when my doctor had some words with them. What a nightmare. You got to keep going back to the doctor who would listen to you and your body.

  • By the way, if you got bloating or trap bubbles or wind, I found and learned that a lot of cleaning up the house moving around helps it to come out and felt a lot better. Also anticlockwise movement pressing down on your gut area helps it to move down your system and come out the other end.

  • Hi.. I have been using fybogel/mebeverine for a number of weeks now and it's not working for me. Constipation isn't the problem for me though.. quite the reverse! So I am now taking Imodium in addition every day to help.

    I am now researching into taking Buscopan (which had been working pretty well for me previously) along with fybogel, and will be seeing my gp shortly so I'll keep you posted.

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