Help me poo.....please :-((

Hi I've had faetal impaction for 2 months or more now,I take 12 laxatives a day but still no joy.was admitted to hospital a month ago and sent home with pico lax .Back to dr today I'm still full up told to take extra 2 laxatives a day thus making 14 a day....HELP... the pain is terrible why can nothing be done?? Problem is it's upper stomach/bowel and apparently can't be moved....why?? How much longer??? Would a colonic thingy not help? Any answers greatly appreciated thanks.

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  • Hi Pnut44, perhaps you could see about getting an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy? The cause could be found that way. The prep for the colonoscopy might also clean you out. Magnesium citrate, an over the counter liquid powerful laxative might be included in the prep. Or you could try that alone. It could be a mechanical obstruction. You can't go on like you have been. Let us know how it goes, Nesie 237

  • Thank you this is what I can't understand I've never been offered these I will keep nagging gp thank you x

  • I don't know why either. Doctors can be difficult to deal with. Nagging them is good. Tell them you are afraid it's a mechanical obstruction. That would be like if something is in your GI tract literally blocking the passage of food through your gut. They can't ignore that. I'm a pain in the butt nurse. Doctors need encouragement sometimes to go in the right direction. I give it to them. You do that too, okay? Stand up for yourself, Pnutt, Nessie 237

  • Hey Pnut, I understand your problem completely. I've suffered in a similar way for 2 years. It's the worst isn't it? Please don't think me rude if you've tried all these but when I found that picolax and moviprep ( the 2 bowel preps I was offered for impaction and endoscopies) I actually stopped eating fruit and any high fibre foods coz that just makes me hurt. I try and eat as much fresh veg, some sauerkraut to restore gut flora and then fats to help things move through. I understand how hard and stressful it is when you're impacted, it takes over your life doesn't it? But I guess first and foremost it's looking at whether you take any meds that might bung you up. Then doing your utmost to stay calm about the whole situation. Anxiety and depression are still my biggest enemies. Then food. I can't eat meat but fish is ok, bread not good neither is yeast or wheat in other things. Then I take Milk of Magnesia, I never knew it had laxative powers but 20/30 MLS twice a day has helped more than any prescription laxatives ever have.

    This is only what's helped me. It hasn't solved things and I would encourage you to keep on at your GP and ask for a hospital referral. You need to make sure there's not anything that needs treatment going on.

    Really, really good luck

  • Thank you,yes I have the same problems as you it sounds like,I just can't understand why there isn't any procedures to remove it,then start again when it's empty to see what's causing it.Its so high up it's giving me indigestion as well.bloody issue after issue,thank you so much I will get some milk of magnesia x

  • No problem Pnut, I'm glad I could (hopefully) help. Tbh, just finding this forum helped me coz I was really starting to think I was the only one who had these problems and that maybe I did have an eating disorder or was just going crazy!

    Please do keep on at your doctor to send you for further tests though. I tried to have the endoscopy twice but my gut wouldn't empty itself enough even after the meds I mentioned in my last post so I'm now waiting for an appointment for a virtual colonography which is a CT scan. Don't put off going though coz it's taken me 2 years to get this far!

  • Walk

    Hot drinks

    Very gentle tummy rub

    Colpermin and or olive oil to lubricate

    Stewed figs and prunes to start the day

  • Pure aloe vera! I can direct you. X

  • I had a similar problem. Couldn't go for forever. Pain was enough to prevent me from standing and i found a forum talking about caster oil. Went to walgreens and bought a bottle. Took 2 table spoons and pains went away instantly. Tastes horrible but now i just take it when this happens. Pass everything about 3 hours later.

    Prior to doing this i went to the doctor and they told me all they could do was suggest i take fiber daily and laxatives but they didn't have anything instant for relief. I keep 2 bottles of the stuff on hand now for this. Has happen 2 times since then and both times taken the pain away instantly.

  • Have you tried Glycerin Suppositories !? they only take 10 mins or have you tried the balloon irrigation that you get from a consultant or from a collostomy profesional ?

    If piiclax not worked tho should they not have you in hospital ?

    It all sounds TOO MUCH for you to bear, to me.

    All the very best and muck love to you

    S x do let me know how you go on I am thinking about you-BLESSINGS !

  • Much Love to you !

  • I have turned my life around from your situation at the age of 73

    Spent many hours looking into fibre. There are 2 forms of fibre,soluble and insoluble . For years I have been given medication of insoluble. This has been the problem

    I put the words soluble fibre in the search engine,and bingo. Found foods with this fibre in

    My diet has changed,but so have my poo habits for the better. Have been on this healthy eating "diet" now for 3 months now,never looking back. The Canadian web site has a list of soluble foods which I have been using.

    Hope this helps

  • I feel for you as I suffer much the same. Laxatives don't work for me and only exacerbate the symptoms. Last week was particularly bad, I was severely backed up and even though I eventually managed to have a good bm I felt terrible afterwards, as if my body had gone into some kind of toxic shock. Colonic irrigation is the only thing that helped and I thoroughly recommend this BUT do make sure you go to an Arch registered therapist who knows their stuff. My lady is brilliant. Wishing you lots of luck. x

  • Find a good colonic hydrotherapist who is also a naturopath. Like you I was severely constipated and colonics really sorted me out and helped to retrain my bowel so that I go every day now - I was so impressed I trained as a nutritionist and colonic therapist!

  • You need to try and flush your system out. All I can recommend is a simple change in diet for a week. Every morning take a drink of hot water from the kettle, nothing else, just the water, then lunch time take one yogurt with some chopped fruit in, fallowed by a nice drink of water. Dinner time, another yogurt and fruit. after two days you should feel the difference, if not, go back to doc and ask for something to flush your system clear.! Good luck.

  • How are you getting on Pnut44? Have you managed to find something that works for you? x

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