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Can someone please help me decide which hydrogen & methane test to do?

Hello everyone :)

AFter reading on here I have decided I want to give the FODMAP diet a go... but it looks like to ensure I have the best fit I have a hydrogen and methane breath test.

However I live in Oz (I am from Leeds, UK originally) and I have to pay for them and they are roughly 64pounds each. There are 7 tests and I don't know which ones I need... Here is the list they have given me.........

Lactulose (this one is a compulsory control test)







I don't mind doing all 7, but can't afford to them all straight away (plus I have to take 3 hours off work for each one, so dont think my boss would like that too much!!), so any suggestions on which 2 or 3 i should go for first?

Thanks in advance :)

Charlie x

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Just replied to your previous question again, sorry didn't realise you were back in Oz. If you do FODMAPs you'll be cutting out most of the possible culprits you've listed above anyway. If you get an improvement in symptoms, you then try reintroducing them a group at a time so you can pretty well work things out for yourself. I, for instance, discovered that I tolerate lactose perfectly well, but not the other 4 groups.

If you really want to do some of the tests anyway, I'd go for lactose and fructose as they're the most common intolerances. Artificial sweeteners ending in -ol are pretty bad for everybody and you can avoid these by checking food labels.



Brill thanks Pagan, I will give it a go trying it myself first!

Thanks for being so helpful (and prompt with your replies so early in the morning!!)



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