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At my wits end with ibs..

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I really hope someone can help or even try make me feel better here.. Im a 26 year old woman and got digonosed ibs 5 years ago after giving birth to my little one.. Anyway I don't normally have flare ups or anything just cramps here and there, but my ibs issue is I can't go to loo on my own at all like I can go weeks if I don't take my laxatives, I have had major stomach pains, light headed and sick feeling for 3 weeks now and really struggling to go to the loo even with taking 7+ laxatives a day!! Do you think my bowels could be a lot worse now than before and completely done after taking them for 5 years now ( given by doctors) I feel like I could sit and cry all day everyday it's so sore..

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I really think you need to go back to the doctors and get a referral to see a specialist. It cannot be good to be so reliant on laxatives for so long and to be in so much pain. Hope things improve for you soon

in addition to the advice of the previous reply , ask your doctor for complete Thyroid Function test ..if your thyroid function is low you can be constipated as you described with light headed feelings and don't feel bad as IBS/ Diahrrea type is more dreadful and embarrassing and can keep you a prisoner in the bathroom for hours debilitating your life and plans ..i experienced both the D "most of the time " and the Constipation sometimes ..if i'm forced to choose one , i will definitely go with the C at least there is more control and won't be scared to have a shameful accident in public if you can't find a loo immediately !!

Best of Luck 🌹

Yes ask for a referral to a consultant - it is possible that you need more specialist help. It is sometimes after the birth of a baby that things can change. I would get more advice.

I guess you have tried lots of fibre and fruit and veg? I find yakult helpful as well which is a probiotic. IT is available with the yoghurts.

Your poor thing. Having to suffer like that is not normal and your doctor should be helping you! I can only suggest a really old recipe for healthy bowels. Believe it or not it is a cup of hot water every morning at least 30 min, before you eat anything. Try changing your diet to include more fibre such as bran flakes in the morning, and the old reliable, porridge. Both are good for healthy bowels. If your doctor hasn't referred you to a specialist, go back and get him to do that. No argument, tell him you need to see someone! Good luck. xx

Thank you x I will keep at them! I've had cameras etc all done before but not for a few years so may ask for another to make sure that they haven't complety failed on me lol

Please, try the old fashioned remedy, that is the cup of hot water from the kettle every morning. No tea, or coffee, just hot water. My Grandmother new all the old remedies and believe me when I say this works, it does. O wish you all the luck and hope you get some relief soon. x

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I really do not think you should be taking laxatives like that! Are you even taking the right laxative?

See this useful NHS link

Think you need to see the doc again.

Drink plenty of water, review your diet, even make some changes, keep a food diary to see if you can spot if you have an intolerance. Eating too much fibre or the wrong fibre, can also be bad as it can cause bloating and gas. Some cereals can be a problem, porridge and weetabix are pretty good options, but I can’t take bran.

I find that a drink of pure tomato juice helps a bowel movement, but unfortunately many are not natural, but full of added salt. I buy James White pure organic tomato juice, not easily available in supermarkets unfortunately.

Another old favourite of mine is Colpermin,which I find good for cramps, bloating.

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It is prescribed to me from my doctor and I have them on repeat.. He has advised me that is my only cure is to take them to reless my stress of toilet issues.. I would rather not take them if I am honest but yeah that's what I've been given and used for the last 5 years


You need to see a specialist and a nutritionist

Have you tried normacol,and lots of water. walking and Pilates yoga can often help.

All can help with constipation

Laxatives are never the answer long term.

Are you on a high fibre or high convenience food diet?

Your young enough to get thru this

Kind regards


Thank you George, my doctor has told me that this is my long term solution which I didn't understand either but yeah he prescripes me them monthly and advised that's my only cure for now but the cramps are just unreal recently.. Hopefully get it sorted asap

You don’t say what laxatives you are taking and whether you are drinking plenty of water?

Fybogel is very effective as a stool softener and to regulate bm’s.

It isn’t strictly a laxative, but I’ve found it helped me with both constipation and diarrhoea at different times.

It’s available without prescription and not overly expensive, especially bought in bulk over the internet.

Hope that helps.

Yes must look into diet - are you taking fibre- fruit and veg? ALso fibogel is brilliant if that is the problem and you can tolerate it? It is a natural fibre laxitive that bulks the stool so it can pass. But if it has changed since the birth I would see a specialist as well. You are entitled to it if it is effecting your life to that extent.

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