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Question about fruit on the low fodmap diet

Hi all,

So there are about 10 fruits on the low fodmap diet app which contain 0 fodmaps. For example, oranges, strawberries and grapes are three of them. Now I'm a fairly big guy, so I need a lot to fill me. I usually eat 3-4 oranges, about 6-7 strawberries and a medium to large sized bunch of grapes. Now all of these fruits have 0 fodmaps in them, so I can eat a lot right? Or am I wrong here. The serving size on the app for oranges is 1 medium sized orange. I don't understand what 1 little orange does for you. Unless you weigh 90 pounds and don't eat much I don't understand how the hell these tiny serving sizes on the app for all the fruits could satisfy your hunger.

Appreciate any advice here folks

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generally a portion for your size is estimated to be one handful so if you are larger your hand will be larger and if a child. Then much smaller. If you eat overly large portions you overload your system for instance oranges are acidic so too many will not be good for you,


Yeah sorry but that still doesn't make sense. By your logic a man who is 5"8 with huge hands would eat a lot, but a man that's 7 feet tall with tiny hands wouldn't eat much. It just sucks that there isn't a way of counting total fodmaps gram for gram in each meal, then you could calculate total fodmaps per meal that you can tolerate.

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I'm only telling you general recommendations, there are obviously exceptions in everything. Surely you have the sense to work out your own physical build and fitness and adjust to suit.

There is no one size fits all inanything in this life.


That's the hard part tho. It's something many other people on the diet seem to struggle with. It looks like the best thing to do is see a specialist. I appreciate you giving me general advice but I'm up to the stage where I need help on small, technical issues. I'll see a dietician and let you know of any important knowledge the specialist may give out.


Serving sizes are a very personal thing. For example, I am fructose intolerant. Although strawberries may be zero Fodmap, I can only eat 3 or 4 or I just won't digest them as the cumulative amount of fructose (sugar) will be too high for my digestive system.

The serving sizes are for people of "average build". If you can digest these foods well and have a bigger build, adapt that to you and have larger servings.

What is important is that you have the sensation of digesting those foods.

If you are in doubt, cut them out completely for a week and see if your digestion improves.

Getting professional help from an IBS dietician is a good idea if you feel you are stuck.



Hi Alison thanks for the comment! I thought because strawberries have 0 fodmap content then they will be okay to eat in larger quantities. Obviously it's different for everyone, but I never considered that the high Fructose content could affect you when the fruit is safe to eat. For the past two weeks I've been having nothing but fruit for breakfast. Oranges, 5 or 6 strawberries, some grapes and half a kiwi fruit. But now I'm thinking that's not the best thing to have for breakfast since my recovery has been a tad slow as of lately. I will instead eat porridge for breakfast and limit the fruit and see what happens.

Thank you 😀


If you are looking for your food triggers, you may find this article of interest: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...



First of all, there is no such thing as a fruit with 0 FODMAPS.

Second, overloading with fructose is what you're talking about doing here, and that is not good for anyone with issues like IBS. You will not find yourself getting better if you continue to overload your diet with fruits

Third, if you have any real fructose intolerance, you are going to cause yourself even more trouble. I am one of those 90 pound small people you referred to in your initial post, and I can't eat any fruit at all.

So, like the previous poster wisely stated, much of this diet and other diets for our conditions is based on highly personalized situations. No two of us are alike. Find what works for you. But I would strongly suggest that you sign off from this strongly held position that you should be able to eat a significant amount of fruit in one sitting because you're a large guy. It really doesn't work that way.

Follow the low fodmap dietary suggestions, whether you think they make sense or not, at least during the illumination portion of the diet to find out how your body reacts.


Hi there thanks for commenting. Yes I agree with you, I am now discovering that eating all that fruit at once is a terrible idea. When I said 0 fodmaps, I meant where the app says "no fodmaps were detected" so yes there's not 0 but very little. What confuses me about this diet is because everyone is so different, we all have our little issues, so it's hard to get help when everyone has different problems. My main concern, and after reading through some articles online it seems to be a big problem, is that there is no way of counting total fodmaps gram for gram in foods. If you could figure that out then maybe we'd all have a rough idea of how much to eat. Luckily for me I only seem to react to Fructose so things won't be too hard but like I previously said, I'm a fairly big guy, so the fact that I have no idea how much I can eat of something is very frustrating. Cheers anyway


I'm confused by portion size so am with you on this 🤔


I found, that some of the low fodmap fruits set me off anyway. It's a hit and miss I think.

Anyway, I don't think fruit is meant as a proper meal to fill you up, it's just a part of the diet


I agree. Luckily, I have found something on the app that can fill me up in the morning. Not sure if you've heard of 'maltabella' but it's on the app and from what I've read it's a type of porridge. Thankfully you can have up to a cup of it each serving so it should be quite filling. Have no idea what it tastes like so we'll see




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