Having a low day :-( post holiday blues and loss of tummy confidence

Hi all. I recently posted about a stressful car journey to my holiday and I'm pleased to report that I took two Imodium and I need not have worried, they were fantastic! The holiday was also great and my symptoms were pretty much gone. However Ive been home since Saturday and am now back to work and here they are again. Apart from the post holiday blues, this is making me feel so down as I wanted to come home and put my new found confidence into practice and try hard to eat healthy and follow the Fodmap diet. If anyone has any advice to offer I'd be grateful, I've had depression before and really don't want to go down that path again :-(

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  • Hi lucycornwall I have followed the FODMAP diet and reduced the symptoms for me although have to be attentive what I eat and when, low mood is at times a part of this for me too but processing and mind set can have a beneficial aid. Pls feel free to contact me for any support you may feel

  • I'm following it too. I have IBS-C . I have to carry the list of foods around with me and have to read labels. Going to a restaurant will be interesting. I'm always the last to order . Maybe I'll have to preplan (go on line and see if menu is available, etc.) Oh, well, life never gets dull in the effort to avoid pain!

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