Recurrent Diarrhoea

Hi, so I'm really struggling with the above and need advice as my GP doesn't seem to be resolving anything. I'm a 33yr old male. In January I went on holiday to India, was really careful with hygiene and sanitation but towards the last couple of days I came down with severe diarrhoea like on the loo every 5 minutes day and night. When I got home it got no better so went to see my GP, he said it was "travellers diarrhoea" and would clear up. Days later still not better, GP requested stool samples but would not give me medication. 5 days later stool samples came back normal so I was told it would clear up and again was referred to as Travellers diarrhoea. 5 weeks after returning from India and with help of Immodium it cleared up and I start to have 80% but not quite right toilet function. My toilet function has never returned to normal and I now keep having recurrent diarrhoea and I've been back 2 months. Has anyone had similar issues and can offer any sort of advice. Obviously I'm going back to my GP but I'm not confident I'll get a diagnosis because my stool samples all came back normal. Thanks in advance

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  • Perhaps you could try a probiotic yogurt for a while. I did this and it has helped. Try to steer clear of food and drink that might aggravate your digestion.

  • I had a similar experience aster a trip to new York. Recurrent diarrhoea. My GP didn't do a stool sample as it had gone on during and since being back from the trip. Instead she gave me a course of antibiotics which helped greatly.

    If you have a boots or Holland and Barrett near you, try a spoonful of silicolgel a day. You can take up to 3 spoons a day but if you are only getting occasional diarrhoea now then one a day might help. I use it for stress induced IBS D and when travelling and eating out. Can't live without it. I'm travelling and eating out on business next week and have to share a room with my colleague and so I will be taking it from Sunday morning to enable me to cope with confidence.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks for the advice. I'm trying probiotic capsules one a day to see if hat helps. Fingers crossed I will see an improvement soon

  • I had something similar when I got salmonella in Ibiza many years ago. I was taken off all dairy for two weeks when after months of trying to sort it out failed. Everything cleared up. After the two weeks I was told to reintroduce dairy back one thing at a time to see how I went but I still reacted to cheese. I had a virus a couple of years ago and started with the same problem. After many tests I was told it was IBS. when I was being tested for bacterial over growth the Dr asked about my past history and suggested I could have developed Lactose intolerance. I again came off all diary and then had a hydrogen breath test. The test was positive with a quick reaction so she said the intolerance was severe.

    stool samples were clear like you, antibiotics didn't work. Look at all avenues.

    good luck

  • Try Silicolgel ONCE a day BEFORE your Main meal this will help you go more normally (it says to take three times a day, but this may cause constipation) I find once is just fine. It maybe you have picked up a virus of some sort while in India and maybe your GP SHOULD take it more seriously and prescribe accordingly. Do try the Silicolgel - it definitely helps!! Good luck anyway!!

  • I wonder if it might be worth having another stool sample tested by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases?

    You contracted something nasty in India and to have it described as Travellers diarrhoea means nothing! You will appreciate that there are all sorts of nasty bugs in India, which can decimate us Europeans! Amoebic dysentery and Giardia to name but two.

    If these are not treated properly, they can stay with you for life, but once identified, there is normally a course of pills, which sort it out once and for all, in around a week.

    Having worked overseas for BA, I speak from experience.

    The NHS are fine up to a point, but their knowledge of bugs from places like India is limited. You need to speak to people who deal with these things ALL THE TIME. Look up the Hosptal and give them a ring. I am sure they will help you. You may have to pay, but what's your future health worth to you?

    All the best, Angus

  • Always keep imodium handy, and it's a case of trial and error. You've had stool test, so that's ok. I swear by probiotics and take them in capsule form, one a day. It's really a case of managing it. Good luck. Sounds like ibs to me, often starts following this sort of bowl infection. Ask at pharmacy.

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