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IBS D before traveling

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Once again I've had to cancel my holiday at the last minute. About to go for a weekend away and them my IBS D flair up. Then I work myself up into such a state of anxiety. What if I'm waiting in Security or waiting to go on the plane or its landing and I cant get to a loo. And once I'm at my destination I'll spend the whole weekend looking for toilets rather than enjoying the sights. This isntbthe first time that I haven't been able to go away at the last minute. It's really getting me down. I've had a colonoscopy last year and been to my GP but everything seems fine. Ive been on a low dose amitriptyline for headaches which do seem to help a bit with the anxiety. Im due to travel age in next month and don't want the same thing to happen again. Can anyone help.

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My gastroenterologist says to try Immodium if you have to go somewhere or have a busy day.

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Tigger07 in reply to b1b1b1

Thank you. I often do take immodium but I didn't on this occasion in case it was a tummy bug. I don't know if they still work for that. But I probably should have just taken them anyway.

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dottie12 in reply to Tigger07

Imodium will still work for tummy bug - that's what 'normal' people use them for.

Hey 👋🏼

Have you tried the fodmap diet? 🤗

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Tigger07 in reply to Stace30

No I haven't tried it but I take a look.

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Stace30 in reply to Tigger07

Takes a lot get into but there is some noticeable lower symptoms I’m currently re-introducing food with it to see each individual food symptom🤗

Thanks I will certainly try that and see if it makes any difference.

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Teal15 in reply to Tigger07

Hi I often get ibs flare up before trips but mine is the abdominal pain rather than diarrhoea, mine is usually anxiety, but then when I get away I am fine!! It’s strange how your body reacts to anxiety, I am on amitryptiline too which helps a lot, hope this is of some use to you, good luck!!

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Angie51B in reply to Teal15

Hi Ls15-- I could have written your post word for word!!! I hate the time before going away as I get into such a state with anxiety. I now take Imodium the night before travelling and try to stay calm in the morning. I always wake up with a feeling of dread for several days before a break. However, as you say, I'm fine once I'm there and generally really enjoy my holiday. I think it is fear of the unknown and not being in control of events. I can get sudden uncontrollable diarrhoea at times for no reason and with no apparent trigger. The worst one was at a German Christmas market, sipping Gluwhein and chatting to my daughter. The following hour was spent in a disgusting public loo waiting for it to stop and trying to get clean enough to travel back to the hotel. As a result I always carry a change of underwear, nappy sacks and wipes, together with Imodium instants in my bag. It has been useful on far too many occasions 😢😢. I have been on Amytryptiline for several years and it seems to help a bit. Good luck to Tigger07 you just have to try and find what helps you and it can take a while to get there.

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Tigger07 in reply to Angie51B

Thank you and everyone else who has replied to me about anxietybefore travelling. Its a comfort to know I'm not alone with this. I'm sure my daughter is fed up with trailing about looking for public toilets whenever we are on holiday. I'm determined not to let it spoil another holiday. I'll try taking immodium the night before.

I recommend trying bimuno travel aid you take 2 pastels a day a week before you go then for the duration of your trip and it helps get your stomach adjusted to any changes in food and environment! I travelled around south East Asia for 3 months and I only had a slightly upset tummy twice and nothing lasting longer than 2 days! I wouldn't have even said it was my IBS D!

Also I often tend to get a flare up before I travel, I now always make sure I have imodium plus comfort (I find this the best as it stops the pain as well) I take it at least an hour before of not the night before sometimes and then I am usually good for at least 3 days to a week sometimes, but you can always take more!

I also once got in the habit of eating rice before I leave, it seems to stodge me up some what!

I have unfortunately had bad flare ups since then like right now but I hope it will get back to normal soon :)

Hope you find this helps with your travel!

I had problems with diarrhoe which often affected me on holidays. I took Imodium everyday 1 tablet , as a precaution. If the diarrhoea was a problem I would then take as prescribed. I also included buscopan for the cramps 8 hrly, made everything much more controlled.

Personally, I take 2 Imodium then no problems. Take a supply also but rarely needed. I also think there is a mental issue of anxiety, thinking the worst is going to happen doesn’t help. Taking the Imodium helps me get over that also.

I've had IBS 40 years, i found before I travel its best to eat high fibre food, u still go but it stops the runs, especially if u get meds from the doctor to prevent D

Hi, sorry to hear about your problem. I recognise the syndrome - having similar issues myself. I do take Imodium with me but have managed to avoid using it on most trips - it tends to cause its own problems later in the holiday.

You don’t say whether you take probiotics on a regular basis? I’ve found that they help enormously.

I used Holland & Barrett Acidophilus (3 billion) for a long time, and will return to it soon, but I felt that they were becoming less effective, so have swapped to Alflorex, which is more expensive, but seems to work well.

As for the FODMAP diet, I’ve looked at the lists of foods and found that, for me, there are problem foods on the ‘safe’ list, and safe foods on the ‘problem’ list!

I agree with a previous reply in that it’s probably best to take the whole thing at face value and then re-introduce foods one at a time to see what your triggers are.

I hope at least some of that helps!

I have really bad anxiety when travelling as well. I ordered the card and key from this site. That gives me a bit of confidence that If the worst happened I might have a bit of credibility to the fact that I NEED, don't want the loo. I'm going on a 4 hour drive with a colleague twice this month which is filling me with anxiety to be honest as there can be nowhere to go there! I do restrict my eating on those days so that there is nothing in there to come out. I also take loperamide an hour before I make any journey.

I have / had ibsd related to stress and anxiety especially bad when related to travelling and fear of flying. I used to be in every toilet from home and on the way to the boarding gate. Then panic once those plane does close and you can't use a toilet until in the air. I now use silicolgel the day before and throughout travelling and my holiday and I don't have these problems anymore. I carry Imodium just in case but rarely have to use it. Silicolgel turned my life around in 2014 having suffered for years. I can't travel without it. I hope you find something that works for you.

Don't let this ruin your holidays ... Take Imodium plus the night before and go despite your anxiety.. You will gain confidence and feel the fear but do it anyway

I've suffered from IBS, for 35yrs. It's flare up alot, I keep a food diary, to see if it's something I've eaten. But it's seem if I'm stressed, anxiety, that's my bowel go's into over-drive. With severely diarrhoea, that's just won't stop, I've took five-star imodium every times, but nothing seem to stop it. Have accidents when out, and it's just come to the stage, when I get housebound. It's quite exhausted, and with having chronic pain all the time, with the ME. I don't know where to turn..

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