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IBS and currently on holiday! Advice needed!

Hey everyone :)

This is my second post on here, I had such helpful advice from my first I thought I'd post again.

I'm currently in Marbella with my friends on a girls holiday and my stomach is giving me a lot of grief, I've been unable to go out tonight due to needing the loo and it's causing me to feel incredibly anxious, which then makes me need the loo!! To make matters worse, I have forgotten my medication at home after swapping my hand luggage bag last minute which is obviously a major problem so tomorrow my plan is to go to the pharmacy and see if they have anything like buscopan etc. Is that the best thing to do?

Does anyone have any tips on keeping IBS at bay whilst on holiday? Or any foods to avoid in foreign countries? I know alcohol is a major trigger for IBS so I'm going very easy on that but it's only the second day and I've been looking forward to this holiday for so long, I don't want to sit in every evening being miserable 😔

Thank you xxx

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If you can find kefir in the shops definitely try it. It's a probiotic drink that I just discovered. Much better if you make it yourself but obviously you're on holiday so probably best if you look in the shops for it.


Hi Veronica: In Spain you can find Buscapina in any pharmacy , which is the same as buscopan. Avoid fried foods, and try to relax and have fun!!


Hi Veronica. Buy imodium to help stop going to the toilet. Try peppermint tea for your stomach pain. Buy the probiotic drink Yakukt and you may see an improvment quickly after taken yakult, i felt better within a couple of days.


I feel for you. Having ibs whilst wanting so much to join in and have fun is the worst! Maybe Silicolgel and Enterosgel are worth trying. However not too sure whether a Spanish pharmacy will sell them but I thought it would be worth a mention.


Hi Veronica20/

You will almost certainly be able to get Immodium from Pharmacy. That should sort things out for your holiday .



Hi, I'm going on holiday next week and a couple of days ago my ibs pain started aagghhh I always have pain and gurgling for weeks so feel like I don't want to go away now but like you been looking forward to it for so long, feel I could handle having d but the pain is awful, I sympathise with you, I really do, hope you get to go out and have fun


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