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IBS stomach pains etc got worse

A couple of weeks ago we had a BBQ and I ate sausages. Before that point, sausages were never a problem so ate them without worrying. Anyway, part way through eating I had the worst pain ever and since then the stomach cramps, stomach pain, diarrhoea has got a whole lot worse to point now I don't want to eat anything as it seems to send stomach into freefall. I was given codeine painkilllers by doctors but though it has helped the pain hasn't gone. I am avoiding sausages for sure though these were not cheap ones, it must have something in them. I am going to book another doctor's apt tomoro but just wondered if anyone had any idea what could of set off more problems?

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Could have been the skins, not the contents. My sister-in law, a ward sister, told me to avoid skins. Probiotics settled my stomach wonderfully. I'm sure you'll have other helpful responses. Try the ones that resonate with you.


I don't eat meat and haven't done for years, sausages may have onion in them, or garlic? Try to cut both onion and garlic out and replace them with something else. As for the diarrhoea don''t stop eating and drinking but do have plenty of clear fluids. Also have a diuretic or fluid replacement of some description a good idea when you find it hard to eat and drink.


hi . there are different bulking agents in sausages , usually some kind of cereal, if you know the brand check the ingredients there could be something in them that doesn't agree with you.

if it was just the sausage your symptoms should be easing after a couple of days . hope you feel better soon


Best avoid cheaper brands of sausage as they contain more bulking agents and less meat. there are some really good brands in the supermarkets that are gluten free and shouldnt cause you too much grief.the co-operative simply irrisistable ones are GF, Asda do GF sausages own brand and quite reasonable, Tesco sell "Heck" sausages which are all GF. But generally the BBQ packs of sausages and burgers are all bulked out with breadcrumbs, onion and garlic powder, which can trigger pain and gas in the gut.

Of course the other reason you suffered could be, were they cooked properly??


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