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Lansoprazole make IBS worse


Dear all

I have been on lansoprazole 30 daily for just over 2 years mainly due to a lung condition I have .. Bronchiectasis... and the silent reflux causing problems.

I’ve had IBS on and off for years but this last year it’s been very bad. Not the “ poo” but the painful cramps, contractions apart from general churning and other sensations.

My GP says it’s IBS but in an attempt to get more advice I saw a gastroenterologist privately twice. I had a test for SIBO which was negative. My calprotecton was raised. Gastroenterologist said to try coming off lansoprazole to see if the raised calprotecton was due to that. I explained that could be difficult due to my lungs. It was all left abit vague. She wasn’t unduly concerned but I didn’t think at the time ( stupidly!) to ask if the lansoprazole could be causing IBS pain as I was shocked re the implication of raised calprotectin then discussing SIBO test etc. I don’t want to go back again though.

I’ve tried probiotics, low fod map, silicon gel, convinced myself it’s stress or the brain / gut link.

But am getting so fed up with daily pains. Am really wondering is it lansoprazole?

Any advice re lansoprazole and IBS would be gratefully received!

Thank you

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You can all the gastroenterologist and ask. There is always the problem of seeing a doctor, asking all the questions you think you have and then, of course, the next day you realize you have a few more questions and it is awkward.

winter2013 in reply to b1b1b1

Thank you for replying. Only problem is that I saw her back in January and despite being private I didn’t find her manner very helpful. I think it very unlikely she will respond without paying again to see her.

Thank you though

b1b1b1 in reply to winter2013

I understand. I guess you are in the UK. I am curious, if this is not too nosy, how much approximately it costs to see a doctor or specialist in the UK. xx

winter2013 in reply to b1b1b1

£250 for 1st consultation and £150 for the 2nd

b1b1b1 in reply to winter2013

Thanks. I am in the US (with insurance). I guess there are plusses and minuses about both systems.

Hi Winter2013 - have you asked for a H PYLORI test? I was on Lansoprazole when i requested a repeat prescription i was told the doctor wanted to see me - when i met her she asked numerous questions and then decided that i would have this test becasue Lansoprazole was not a good drug to be on for too long - i had the test it was positive i had treatment to clear H PYLORI and i have never had to take Lansoprazole again. Ive never suffered with acid reflux since

I hope this helps, if i feel sick i just take natural ginger cubes, i hope this helps.

Hi I went to see my GP yesterday re IBS out of control symptoms . Stomach pains and diarrhoea . I have been on lansoprazol for years and more recently sertraline . She has advised to stop lansoprazol for 4 to 6 weeks and half the dose of sertraline as both can cause diarrhoea .

Thanks for replying.

Hope it helps for you stopping and good luck.

My problem isn’t diarrhoea but general cramps, contractions, pains etc.

Guess there’s no easy answer!!

That is very interesting I have been on lansoprazol for about ten years after a rectal bleed.....for the last 18 months I have been feeling very unwell I read that lansoprazol can inhibit vit I have stopped it trying Rennies ibs had got worse as well. It is three weeks now......I have seen an improvement with bis, so will persevere......I suggest you talk to your doctor before stopping any medicines

Thanks for reply Fudgerelle

Yes definitely won’t do anything without medical advice. Am seeing my respiratory consultant in November but guess he will say .. stay in it. GP is vague , so wanted some facts before I see consultant. But realise there aren’t any!!

Good luck.....I think the key is to get as much info as you can before you see consultant......sorry you probably know that.....I must say I have found this group really helpful.......even if you find out you are not alone.

are you on any other meds other than the lansoprazole ??

My mother also has bronchiectasis and takes lansoprazole. Her cramping and constipation are ruling her. Did your respiratory doc say anything about possibly coming off lansoprazole?

Well I’m meant to be stepping down from 30 to 15 lansoprazole but due to various illnesses and other problems I’ve not taken the plunge yet! I say that as I know I will get a rebound effect. My respiratory consultant said lansoprazole wouldn’t be causing my IBS cramps etc but I’m not convicted need as have read it can effect your gut microbiome . Tried various probiotics but they caused bad side effects. Consultant suggested giving it a trial period of a week ie going to 15 purely to see if I can cope with a reduced dose on general health grounds , not IBS.

Whoops .. typos! Should read... convinced not convicted... and theres a surplus .. need!

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