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What is the cause of my stomach pain? I thought it was ibs but it seems to have moved...

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*the important part is in the last second paragraph. I wrote the first one more as context for anyone that can be bothered to read! *

I have had blood tests, stool samples, a colonoscopy, and visited the doctor about 10 times but I still don't know what's wrong with me. All the test came back negative, so I assumed it I had ibs. At one point, I had the typically bloated belly and lots of gas moving around my intestines but that stopped and the pain moved mainly to my colon (I think). I had been doing the low fodmap diet for a while which didn't do much. Sometimes I would feel better and sometimes I wouldn't. Then I decided to fast for three days to just reset my system. I ended up getting constipated but decided that I must be better as constipation was the opposite issue to one I was having before!

So I started eating normally and even started having less pain in my colon. There was still something wrong, however. It wasn't pain but more just an uneasiness in my left side (not colon any more, more behind my "false ribs" extending around my back a bit). Then today I was doing yoga, twisted my body to the left and I felt some sudden sharp pain inside that spot under my false ribs. Almost like a muscle in there had been pulled. It's been hurting ever since and I'm really confused as to what the issue is. Hernia? Ibs? Just muscle pain? Could it be something to do with my kidney as the pain is closer to that now than before. Any advice is appreciated! I haven't felt normal for 7 months now. I would go to the doctors (again) but I'm in China for three months..

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Hi Charliej20, I found your post rather interesting.You mirror my symptoms exactly.I too was at my wits end with the pain.I also was visiting my surgery lots of times.Same old answers,done it,been there etc. Had colonoscopy twice endoscopy twice ct scans mri Then my specialist said after my most recent stool sample,it came back showing signs of diverticulitis.He said the pain can move around inside your intestines sometimes making it difficult to pin point where actually the pain is.But I do know it can be excruciating at times,and don’t know where to put myself.So I feel for you if this is like you.I do drink Bragg’s apple and cider vinegar quite often and I can say that it does help to lessen the pain quite well.Oh and yes the pain does radiate into my back ,feeling like it’s in my kidneys.Was told this can happen.Sorry I can’t help you much,but had to reply.Good luck and I hope you find a solution very soon 🍀

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Thanks for your comment. Nice to know that it's not just me :') I hope I find a solution soon too!

Mum suffers like that she has diverticulitis too .... low gluten diet helps a bit but sadly as with fibro and many other ailments too ..it is just a live with it scenario

Sorry to not be much help but at least you can suggest this next gp appointment

I'll be making sure to mention it in three months if it's still an issue, thanks!

Hi Charliej20: sounds just like my symptoms back and fore the GP for years with the same complaint, pain under my belt line now quite severe waking me up at night, had two colonoscopies, Ultrasound and a barium enema, all normal, as I,m now in my sixties had the bowel cancer poo test again normal.

Saw the doctor this week for stronger pain killers to help me sleep, fine except now I,m constipated due to the codine,

I do have Coeliac disease and follow a strict Gluten Free diet, GP has now recommended another colonoscopy has it’s over two years since my last one,

I open my bowels every day normally only once, no blood and not losing weight,

I just wish someone would tell me what is causing the pain, my wife keeps telling me it’s all in my head, is she right I wonder.


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That's the thing that gets me with all the negative tests.. Could it just be in my head? Am I just being super sensitive to any pain because I think something is wrong? Who knows! I'd rather the doctor just found something that was wrong so that they could fix it but oh well :')

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pwllmawr2 in reply to CharlieJ20

I know the feeling.

Sounds just like I have. Stomach pains since January after antibiotics. Seems to move around, sometimes under my ribs, sometimes round my tummy and back. Poo test, blood tests all normal. Put on lanzoprazole also Mebeverine finally being referred to a bowel consultant

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CharlieJ20 in reply to Sue0859

Now this one sounds like me! Literally same medications and all. I feel like when I get back from China I'll also be referred to a bowel consultant. How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?

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Sue0859 in reply to CharlieJ20

I'm 58 but have had indigestion/stomach pains on and off for probably 30 years. Since I posted this I have reduced the Lanzoprazole to 15ng twice daily from 30mg twice daily and the bloating seems to have nearly gone. Still getting some pain under my ribs and indigestion is back a bit too. Need to see my GP again soon,

Me to!😢😢un fortunately no answers but a thickening of thebowel wall.probably due to all the surgeries I've had done. Nightmate life!😢

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