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painful trapped wind


at my wits end ! every evening have painful stomach pains,take bicarb of soda,which takes a while to not asleep till 2-4am & not rising till tired/so miserable.basically NEVER pass wind out of my bottom,which i feel isnt normal.dct said its IBS,tried every meds going ,had colonoscopy(clear).also tried "wind relieving pose"(yoga)massage,dont drink alco,have bland diet.any help gratefully received.

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I was like this & have found mebeverine tab 20 mins before each meal helps

tigga in reply to coppertop

thanks Coppertop,had this a couple of years ago,going to ask my gp if i can give it another try.thanks once again.

I find bicarbonate adds to the wind problem, I think it fizzes up inside and makes many more bubbles, even Gaviscon makes it worse as it contains bicarbonate. Windeze tabs can help, also lying down and stretching out, particularly on left side and deep breathing. Buscopan tabs also help release the spasm and let the wind pass. I know how awful and painful this can be.

My GI recommends lying on stomach in superman pose. In US we use Gas-X (simethecone). Good luck

tigga in reply to PatV

thanks PatV,will give your suggestion a try.on Buscopan now ,not finding it helps.

Magnesium tricylicate really helps me..I used to use buscopan or mebeverine but they didnt seem to make things much better long term. Also peppermint tea helps to bring up the wind.

Have you been tested for ulcers??? I have ulcers and now take lansoprazole daily which helps with the burning pain and the belching which was always worse at night.

thanks for the advice,like you ive tried mebeverine& buscopan without success.ive been tested for ulcers (clear) but im on lansoprazole at the moment ,only been on it 3wks ,not seen any improvement but its early days.thanks once again.!

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