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End of strength and flex week 1!

For some reason I am finding it harder to motivate myself to do S&F than C25K.

However FINALLY I have finished week 1! I have been finding the podcasts pretty easy to be honest so I am quite excited to move onto the next week, and can't wait to see what it brings!

What do graduates of S&F do? It seems like no-one actually completes it :(

Anyway hope you all had a good week, thanks for reading my blog :)

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Well done for completing week 1. I think quite a few have completed it tho' not many realise there's a badge at the end! It is very different from C25K as you dont see the rapid improvement that you get from running, so I think motivation is harder. But stick with it and you will notice improvement over time.

I do S&F twice a week and also go to a weekly exercise class where we do some of these exercises. I think its helped me remain relatively injury free in running and its definitely strengthened my arms and improved flexibility overall. Good luck with the program & hope you enjoy!


Hi piggyland1,

You can keep using S&F after completing the 5 week plan. Podcast 5 is designed to be used beyond the programme. It provides a regular 45-minute workout to de-stress and feel good. You can download a no-intro version of Podcast 5.


Well done, piggyland1.

Good luck with week 2! :-)


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