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Swim and gym yesterday.


Not quite as much swimming as I would of liked yesterday but after a 17km Run and a 16km Walk In 7 days my body was a still a bit tired.

I did the full gym session including the leg building ones my physio gave me as there is still time to build a bit more strength in them before my HM on the 19th May.

I then got changed and started my swim, I knew as soon as I got in it wouldn’t be a 1km and got out after 600m. I only swam twice last month so it was important to me to get my brain back into it. Swimming is great for sorting out muscles for me, I always feel less achy after runs if I swim in the same week but as soon as I miss one I forget that and I really have to push myself to get back into it.

Have a great week everyone

Rfc x

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Well done and good luck with ur HM on the 19th. And as ur going through the training I can pick up some useful tips from your training and experiences :)

Thank you. My training has been challenged for this one. 😀 a few stumbling blocks health wise placed in my path. Strong leg muscles is what my physio has said, apparently my hamstrings were too weak. He has me doing this one which is really building up my hamstrings, it is such hard work though, but I can tell it is making a massive difference


Thanks I'll give it a go

Well hopefully on the day everything goes well and all the physio input helped

Thanks 😀.

Great job on the gym and very sensible with the swimming... 600m is still a lot.

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you, the hardest part of the taper is reducing the amount you do. I have to work up (or down) to it, by next week I should be ready for a quieter week.

I’m struggling with my cutback week, so I can imagine tapering is 10 times worse.


17k and 16k. Wow oit curiosity how long does it take you to do 16k walk? I'm trying to work myself up to longer walks

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to Johnnylewis

I was out with my husband so it was around five hours. With a couple of breaks one for lunch and a nice canal-side cider. 😀. I can race Walk 16km at full pelt in around 2 hours 34 mins - 2 hours 50 min.


I hate swimming! Just head bobbing breast stroke for me (to coin a phrase from another HU poster), but I do try to go the day after each long run as it's a fab way of getting the muscles moving and stretching everything out, without any impact. It definitely helps me.

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to linda9389

I am a Breast stroke swimmer, I try crawl every now and then but i don’t enjoy it as much. I can really feel it in my muscles the weeks I don’t swim and only run. I find it just takes a lot of time to swim. I have to add in a total 5km walk to and from the pool. So it takes a chunk out of my day. ☹️.

linda9389Ambassador in reply to Realfoodieclub

I hate that our pool is so grubby, I'm tied to certain times, it costs money and it is a fair drive away. Oh, and I don't even enjoy the swim unless I concentrate very, very hard on all my muscles stretching out 😂 Hey ho! Not everything can be as much fun as running I guess - I hate strength exercises too! Thank goodness for pilates and yoga :)

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