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6 week swim it up - week 2


Pleased that this week I have managed to swim twice! Am now sitting in my office stinking up the place with my chlorinated swimming kit, skin, and hair. It really stays in my skin - and yes I did shower after! ah well, it is good for me (swimming, not the chlorine). Got myself a ten swim card so am now committed to nine more swims. The nice lifeguard let me off paying on Monday as the pool was supposed to have been closed, though I'm not sure this was the best thing to do given that cost is cited as the reason for the planned - now postponed indefinitely - closure of the pool.

I think twice a week is just right - to fit this in with work, bank holiday, and the occasional staff shortage rendering the pool unavailable from time to time.

I do feel I am getting better at it, though am slow! Breathing out underwater and not inhaling water is improving, as is the art of holding my head up if I prefer. Front crawl tires me out though.

Anyone else out there adding new things to their routine? I ran twice this week too!

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Well done on your swim. I managed a swim this week as well. A little tip on smelling of chlorine a citrus based shower gel cuts through the smell afterwards. I have used, lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit they all work.

useful tip, thank you

Top tip! Also I find it's all too easy to "miss" a bit of skin when trying to hurriedly get done in the grotty showers and get back to work. Have been using leftover hotel shampoos, will seek out something citrusy now!

nice work on the ten swim card :)

icklegui in reply to sunny369

Thanks, it means commitment! (And a cheaper swim.) 🏊‍♀️💪

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