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Six week shake it up - the good, the bad, and the new activity


So i've been doing some swimming, down to once a week at the moment, but this week is going to be a challenge - the only time i can manage is tomorrow at 7am! So that's the potential bad in that I don't know if I will manage that so that'll be this week with no swim!

Great news about swimming though is that the pool closure has been reconsidered for now, it will stay open another year and then they will look again.

The new activity is not exactly what this forum is aimed at but I did get the inspiration from the running forums and the fact that I have been swimming. I thought some mental strength and flex would be in order and so my new commitment is to meditate every day, with the help of Headspace (which I tried a while back and seeing the runners talk about their headspace runs i thought i might come back to it).

Wish me luck - no, wish me strength and discipline to keep it up!

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Hi Icklegui, good news about the pool. It would be terrible to lose a local amenity like that when people are being encouraged to get active. Swimming is one of the best ways of doing that, it seems to me.

I do wish you the strength and discipline to carry on. The headspace thing is something I've heard about, so I'll bear it in mind when I need some support (as I inevitably will!)

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

icklegui in reply to David_G

Aw thank you David! It's nice to see you over here - I've quietened down on the running side as I've just not been running much. I'll be back on it soon :)

The pool is at my workplace, a university - where of course we are all encouraged to look after ourselves and our mental health, and yet some of the facilities that help that have no joined-up thinking (e.g. our yoga club has nowhere to store gear) and at worst they face closure. And it is also a community facility with the public and schools especially using the pool, so it will be a real blow if it does eventually close. But for now, it's there! Thanks to everyone who campaigned and signed the petition too Realfoodieclub :)

And yes, I'll pop up here and on the Bridge every now and then. I do recommend Headspace as an "easy" way in to meditation, as in there's lots of free stuff out there which is a bit weird but the free stuff on Headspace is a nice start and if you like it you can pay for the whole thing. I'll be checking out the Headspace runs on that Nike app one day. Ultimately the goal for me is to be able to meditate without guidance, much like running without trusty Laura/Michael et al :)

Great news about the pool. To be honest with you, I’m sort of rebranding Stregnth and Flex a bit. The forum works best with people and personally I’m not bothered what exercise they are doing as long as we are all supporting each other, it is an anything exercise wise forum, hehe, too much of a mouthful S&F it is 😀.

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