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Fabulous450 ‘Start As You Mean to Go On’! ❤️


Hi S&F’ers

I’ve been working on my strength and flexibility all week, with beginners yoga and doing the recommended work outs on my App. It’s been quite hard 🥴! I’m certainly not as flexible as I thought and my core strength?...... Well it’s got some way to go!😶

The good thing is that it has made me realise how important that part of my overall fitness and health is. I've enjoyed the new morning routine, even though I haven’t found it easy and felt a little discombobulated at times, trying to keep up🤪.

Getting active early really has made a huge difference to my day. I’ve got the kit out ready from the night before and I wake up and go for it, so theres no challenge to fitting it in later on. I’ve added a meditation at the end to just relax for a few minutes of quiet and celebration afterwards too 🤩. Mind, body & spirit, as they say! 😉

May we all be strong and injury free! ❤️

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Cor! well done you, what a great start. I've found a yoga routine that is simple enough for me not to struggle with it and as a result I do end up feeling nicely relaxed. Other routines I've tried often leave me feeling a bit strained and something of a failure - not so good for mind & spirit 😂. Good luck with the new regime next week too :)

Oh thanks linda9389!🤗 I have had to do a bit of searching and I’m not sure I’ve quite found the right one yet. But live in hope! 😉❤️

I also find light exercise in the morning sets me up nicely for the day ahead. Definitely a habit that you will benefit from 😁

Fabulous450 in reply to Katnap

I think you’re right Katnap! Thanks! 😁❤️


Some really great tips and advice there...

Like you, I enjoy my regular morning work outs... they do set us up ! Also, there are quite a few exercises linked on here, that you can do during the day...foot exercises and calf exercises , whilst at work etc...

Go you!!

Fabulous450 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you OF!! I’m definitely feeling the benefits of the me time mornings! I’ll experiment some more as I settle in. 🤗❤️

Great routine you've got there, well done, happy running, calm day.

You’re here... you’ve started... and you will make rapid progress with gentle progression... it’s just like the running. Great start.

Thank you!! I’m feeling really good about the daily routine 🤩. The challenge is trying to watch the exercises to make sure you’re doing it right, while you’re in a bit of a twist. 😂! ❤️

Yeah... I tend to watch a workout through first 🤣

That’s after I’ve watched! 😂❤️

Here here Fab!!! Sounds like your days are starting as they mean to go on!! Go you!!! X

Fabulous450 in reply to Mummycav

Thank you so much Mummycav!! 🤗 I have done my morning beginners yoga routine already. I’m definitely loving the morning me time so much! It really feels like I’ve turned the light back on now!! Shame that running is off for a couple of days, but I’m sure it’s going to be great when I get back out! 😁❤️

If it’s Yoga with Adriene you’re doing Fab, well she’s my favourite! She makes me chuckle too with her unintended (and sometimes blatantly intended) innuendo! 😅

I did one of her 30 day challenges last year and found it really useful. 😀

I recommend her Butt and Thighs routine if you haven’t tried it already, as well as her runners’ ones and core ones. Heck they’re all fun!

Be strong and be flexible! 👍❤️

Thank you Cheeky!! 🤗 How are you doing?

It is with Adrienne! 😃 She’s very popular. I started off doing her pre-run and post run sessions, but I’m doing one of her beginners sessions at the moment. She certainly has lots of great sessions to choose from.

I’ve joined Linda9389 in Adrienne’s 30 day challenge, but I’m improvising with her beginners yoga session each day. I’m being a bit careful not to risk over stretching the hamstring that I’m resting. I’m getting used to the basics 🧘🏽‍♂️and enjoying it 😀❤️

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