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Six week Shake it up Challenge week two


The 6 weeks shake it up challenge

The challenge is whatever you want it to be.

Add in something extra.

Keep up your new addition for 6 weeks.

Mine is I am learning to hoop, so for the next six weeks I will be doing at least three session a week. Also I want to build to assisted push ups. Three sessions a week. So I am doing a twofold challenge.

The list of ideas is unlimited but here a few suggestions


Pull ups

Push ups

Downward dog

Glute stretches




Sit ups


Etc. Etc. Etc.

Pick something you have always wanted to do and challenge yourself to try it for 6 weeks

Stay safe, don’t pick something too difficult, do your research make sure you know what you are doing and how to perform all moves safely

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone want to do.

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Well I I did really well on one point but really badly on another.

I managed to do my three hooping sessions and push ups but for the first time in months I missed my weekly swim.

I need to find a way to fit this all in and still have time for the other stuff I do.

Please stay around and keep going even if you haven’t quite started yet, it is all about finding these routines that fit our own personal lives and that can sometimes take a few weeks to settle in.

So if you didn’t get there last week don’t worry we have this week and if you did get it all fitted In, Well done, please share some hints and tips with us.

Have a happy healthy week

Rfc x.

Vesa in reply to Realfoodieclub

thank you for your lovely positive message rfc! will try again this week and we'll see what happens :)

well done on the hooping and the push ups and good luck with your weekly swim next week. Thank you for sharing the positive encouragement :)

14 push-ups, which is progress, still sweating, I think I should get a tank and keep some marine fish.

I have been doing my assisted plank against the wall last week and I am just about to graduate on to my knees on the floor for the next week. I must say I have really enjoyed the wall :)

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