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Six week Shake it up week 3


The 6 weeks shake it up challenge

The challenge is whatever you want it to be.

Add in something extra.

Keep up your new addition for 6 weeks.

Mine is I am learning to hoop, so for the next six weeks I will be doing at least three session a week. Also I want to build to assisted push ups. Three sessions a week. So I am doing a twofold challenge.

The list of ideas is unlimited but here a few suggestions


Pull ups

Push ups

Downward dog

Glute stretches




Sit ups


Etc. Etc. Etc.

Pick something you have always wanted to do and challenge yourself to try it for 6 weeks

Stay safe, don’t pick something too difficult, do your research make sure you know what you are doing and how to perform all moves safely

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone want to do.

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Well it is the start of the half way point. How am I doing, mmmmmmm. I managed a swim this week but only did two hooping sessions. I am breaking in some new orthotics and have been having some pain and I have had to take a little break to see if it is the running in orthotics or hooping that is causing the discomfort. So I am playing it safe and looking after myself, I juts have to make sure I add something else in to keep my fitness up.

How is everyone else doing?

Hurrah, I have managed to do my first swim of the week today! 25 minutes of splashing about.

I desperately need a *swimming* costume as opposed to a *bathing* costume...

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to icklegui

Well done On getting to the pool. I’m hoping to go tomorrow. I must admit I always use swimming costumes rather than fashion ones as I find the fashion ones rub a bit more.

yeah, I want a swimming one - but I'm too short for an adult one-piece and I am not child-shaped any more so that wouldn't work. So hunting down a reasonably sporty tankini as opposed to one made for posing by a poolside with a cocktail!

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to icklegui

Speedo do some nice ones, I find if you go for last years models you can find them cheaper at sport direct or amazon as well. I also am a big fan of Zoggs but there tankinis don’t seem as well designed as speedo for long swims.

oh my goodness I did not know Speedo did these! I wrongly assumed I would find everything in existence on eBay (like my sports bras). Even with a Google i didn't notice these. I was specifically looking for shorts as well! These are perfect 🏊👙 thank you!

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to icklegui

🙂Happy to help. Rfc x.

Useful links, thank you😊

Not doing very well 😕 . Must try harder!!

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to skysue16

Struggling myself too, worked a solid 13hour day on a catering do last Saturday and been floored ever since, well that and an 13km walk on bank holiday Monday. Next week, we can do this can’t we? 😀.

Phew, 13 hour day catering - that sounds hard work!! Well done on the 13k walk, that's great.

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