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Six week shake it up - week 3, where I compose a message about keeping our pool open


I finally purchased new swimming gear! Next week I get to try it out!

Went for my second swim of this week. Had an illuminating chat with the lifeguard on duty. The powers that be have been trying to shut down the pool; it only had a reprieve because 3000 people signed a petition and coincidentally a bigwig stepped down leaving the decision to the next bigwig, who starts tomorrow. One of the reasons I decided to swim regularly was that I thought it was the best way of supporting the pool! But of course, that's not the only thing. The lifeguard said that the thing to do might be to write to the new bigwig and explain why we should keep the pool, and so I spent my swim composing a little story about a student suffering from depression who now feels like swimming is an incredible, mindful activity which really has benefits beyond the physical. Any resemblance to living characters is entirely intentional! :)

Anyone in Paddington (London, UK) who thinks a great community asset should be kept open and didn't know about this, please comment!

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Oh I am so with you on this. I Live in Crystal Palace and am fighting to keep my 50 Mtr pool and gym going. We are in the last round of talks with our mayor who just seems to want to close everything that is exercise related. We are lucky In the fact That there are many people involved in a petition so hopefully someone will listen to us. Good luck.

I've just searched - and watched your petition get five more signatures just as I was reading it! Brilliant. I'm not far away from you, in Croydon. To my shame I have not yet visited Crystal Palace. Am going to sign the petition.

The pool I'm using is in a University - I may as well name and shame, it's Imperial College. The University is great, but there do seem to be some blind spots and this is one of them. Local schools use the pool - which they pay for, as do staff at the campus and hospital at St Mary's (it's free for Imperial students) - so I think it'll be missed.

RealfoodieclubGoal1 in reply to icklegui

Such a shame, we need these places to be kept going. I love my pool. It’s old and probably could do with a spruce up but the staff at the Better gym are the friendliest I’ve ever met and swimming in a 50mtr pool makes it harder but so much more fun. Good luck keeping your pool going.

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