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Flex and strength beginner 😶

Hi im 39yrs old, unfit and out of shape! I'm starting this in hope that the gentle approach won't wreck me!!! I have arthritis in most joints and I'm scared of making them worse and flare.

Any whoo, finished my first podcast session this morning and now my knees are giving me pain and my thighs are not my own lol I think it was probably the squats that done it but please someone tell me it gets easier and this is going to work in the long run 😥!!!

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It does get easier and it will help with your arthritis in the long run. I myself have oestoarthrtis and as you build the muscles up it In Turn protects the joints. If you found the squats are hurting too much then try not going down as far until your muscles ease up a bit, all the exercises are adjustable to your own needs. Well done on getting out there and doing the first one. Keep coming back and letting us know how you are getting on.

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Thank you Realfoodieclub I think in retrospect I probably went down a bit too far in my squat!! 😮 bit difficult to know if your performing the squat correctly! Lol. I'll definitely do less on Wednesday with the squat...just hope I can move tomorrow 👀😓


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