Walking Activity Update

Hello, I just thought I'd post an update on my walking activity. I have now lost a total of 28 pounds in weight and am feeling much more fit, the only thing that worries me apart from my ruptured tendon is that the walk is not challenging enough now, even though I am walking much further, taking on more hills and walking as fast as my legs will allow I am not even breathing hard, has anybody any advice on how I can make it a little harder without putting too much stress on my tendons.

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  • Very inspirational-well done My advice would be to consult your physiotherapist to see how you can progress further

  • Thanks for the advice ,I do not have a physiotherapist but I will continue to research advice on the internet, hopefully I will gain more insight as to how I can improve further.

  • Sounds like you are doing an amazing job, very inspirational! Which tendon is it? And you had a ruptured diagnosis?

  • Hi and thanks for the reply, yes I had a diagnosis 2 years ago when I noticed a lump appear just above the back of my heel on the right foot, I saw a specialist and he asked if I ever had a sharp shooting pain up my leg, after thinking about it I remembered having some pain followed by a limp for several days over 10 years previous to the diagnosis, but it eased up so I never thought anything more of it until the lump appeared.

    Apparently it's the body's way of protecting itself from further damage, but now I'm begining to feel a similar pain above the heel on the left foot which is slightly worrying, I hope that this is not the same as before, anyway I'm due to see a doctor soon so I will ask about it and what preventative measures I can take if it's the same thing.

  • Hi there, the reason I asked is because I know nothing about issues like this really, other than ones that have happened to me. It may be you have a similar problem to the one I had. When you say a pain above the back of the heel, do you mean on that tendon that runs from the heel to the back of the calf? I have lumps on both of mine and varying amounts of pain, just wondering if this is the same issue. If so, that is the Achilles and I damaged my right one badly several years ago and also now have problems with my left but am able to manage it, using the advice I was given. Rather that me waffling on for ages telling you about how it happened, what the symptoms were and the ultimate diagnosis, just let me know if you think the same and I can tell you how you can manage this and carry on with your exercise.

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