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Heart rate zone for cardio

Hi!I try to make sure I fulfill the guidelines for exercise per week, and tick off when and what I have done.

E.g. At the very least one hour of strength exercise, 90 minutes of moderate cardio and 60 minutes of vigorous cardio. However, my question is, at what heart rate does something count as moderate cardio? 

For instance, I just walked home from work and kept at a very fast pace, more of a power walk than a normal walk. By the time I got home after 30 minutes I was hot and somewhat sweaty. However on checking my Fitbit my average bpm was 126 with a peak at 147, so now I'm unsure as to whether this would count towards the NHS's guideline for cardio exercise?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! 

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It depends on your resting heart beat and age but can estimate by Multiply 0.7 by your age eg. (0.7x27). Then Subtract that number from 208 e.g. (208-18.9). This gives your 100% effort heart beat. Then you can work out to 25%, 50%, 75% and then 100%.

However you should take into account your fitness level and other health issues you have. You should always talk to a doctor before starting a fitness program.

Use at your own risk!

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