Inactive for exercise, But active in life!!

I describe myself as inactive for exercise as I haven't had a routine or had time for exercise for many years. But I am active in life as I am always busy, I support my lovely husband who is disabled and enjoy walking with our little yorkie and working, shopping etc.

I am on here as I need to make time for scheduled exercise. Preferably the sort that won't cause any stress on my knees and back as they don't like me... When I do too much they leave me in great pain and add 20 years to my posture and walk!!

I have bought some hand weights, .5 - 1.5kg which I have handy, so any suggestions are welcome. Rowing, cycling type exercises are out for me. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

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  • Minniewinny, the best exercise I have ever done to help with back pain or to protect the back from pain is pilates. If you have never done it before, you would be better booking yourself into some classes as your posture and breathing are important in pilates. It really is a wonderful way to exercise though, it can be done slowly and you usually are given options for an easy position or a harder position once you have mastered it. Just because it's slow, don't think it's not worth it, it is great for toning. What do you think @pineapple27?

  • obviously doesn't want me to tag, @pineapple27 hopefully she will see this and tell you how she gets on with it.

  • Thank you lucigret I appreciate your help, I will look into Pilates- heard of many forms of exercise but when I went to a gym and explained my health issues, there wasn't much there that I could do.

    Yoga and Pilates may be the way forward, but I don't have money to pursue these at classes, so will look for a DVD or YouTube clips.

    Have a lovely weekend, and week ahead.

  • Pineapple sent me a really good pilates class for beginners, I think it was an NHS one. I will have a look this evening and see if I can find the post it was in, or I will PM her. It was a bit too easy for me but would be ideal for you.

  • Haven't forgotten you Minniewinny, just ran out of time tonight - my daughter-in-law came to spend the evening with me and No 1 son, whilst No 2 son and Dad were out. Will look tomorrow.

  • You can do a lot of exercises with the hand weights while sitting down.

    Look on you tube for videos that include bicep curls, shoulder press, lat side raises, I am sure there are others all possible to do while sitting on a dining chair.

    Have you got a medical condition in your back and knees?

  • I've been to various specialists at the hospital, all tests come back ok but no idea what the problem is, it started in 1996, started as suspected blood clots in both legs saw neuro specialist for circulation, rheumatoid specialist and is undiagnosed and I didn't want to keep going and having tests. A Physio has confirmed torn cartilage in my knees and curvature of the spine, I take and benefit from glucosamine, but if I overdo walking or standing I pay badly from both of my knees up to my shoulders up my back.

    Would love to ride a bike, but the last time I did that (18 yrs ago), I managed 20 minutes but was then in agony for 3 weeks!

  • Sounds awful, it must be hard but you always come across as being very happy.

    I hope you can work out some exercises for yourself, if you need any help with them don't be afraid to ask me. Would be happy to help.

  • I focus on all the good things and cope with what's not so good, I had a good teacher in my mum.

  • You are very positive on here I'll say that much. It's great to read your posts your mum did a good job 😀

  • Another thing you could try using are resistance bands, look them up ☺

  • Hi @hidden I now have a resistance band... Gentle but effective, Thanks for the suggestion.


    morning Minniewinny, I can't find how to copy a link on this...!!!???... laptop of mine, I'm not good with technology. If this hasn't worked, please let me know and I will try again😊

    If anybody else knows how to copy a link on a Mac please let me know.

  • ohh looks like it might have worked.

  • Thanks lucigret i will try to open it on a laptop, it won't open on my iPad. But Thank you so much for trying, xxx I will google the link.

  • Exercise is important but if it is causing you pain your body is telling you it does not want that type of activity. Always listen to your own body's advice before that of anyone else.

    What is exercise? It is simply body movement - and there lies the key. Just keeping moving in a way that doesn't cause pain is all you need to restore health. Don't just sitting watching TV or reading a book for long periods of time. You can do simple movements at the same time. For example lift and lower your heels one at a time as if you are walking, curl and uncurl your toes, swing your knees in and out, clench and unclench your hands, lift and lower your shoulders. Just move any part of your body you wish a few times and you are exercising.

    Remember - all movement is exercise.

  • Thank you, that is very wise advice happydodderer i did do a nice walk with my dog today, but have gained a blister for the effort!!

    It was a lovely day and I saw in the distance a deer run accross a field (away from a tractor in the next field). They have such speed and grace... the deer not the tractor!!

  • Dogs are so useful to get us out. No better exercise than walking the dog in a lovely area where you can commune with nature. We went out on Saturday and noticed 4 Stags standing on a ridge in the far distance. All of a sudden they all took off running down the hill, it was a beautiful sight to see, they are so graceful.

  • Sounds lovely.

    We live in a small village (been here since June 2014) and I decided instead of taking the car I would walk to the nearest town to get some milk!! I could always get the bus if it's too much... I got the milk, but as the walk was so enjoyable (I have always walked a lot - and love it) I decided I would walk back.. 4 miles there, 4 miles back plus a diversion into a field to give my dog a little freedom from the lead! On a good day with my knees.

    The horses, sheep and cattle, tractors and the deer made it a lovely walk.. I would have missed all of them in the car! 🐎🐑🐂🚜🦌

    Looking forward to doing it again, but need to get better footwear 👟👟

  • 8 miles, that's great Minniewinny, I think walking is one of the best exercises. Make sure your feet don't slip about in your shoes, blisters are horrible, they can be so sore. Maybe take some blister plasters in your pocket in future just in case!

  • I saw the imprint of a crease in my sock on my foot when I took them off, which caused the blister.. but am going to look for better walking trainers.. my walking boots are quite heavy and my feet get quite warm.

    Summer is coming and I want to increase my walking, my physio - like you.. said it's the best form of exercise.. and the views/scenery is so enjoyable.

  • You obviously live in a beautiful area, make the most of if😀

  • Hope you see this - just bought dvds from amazon, yogalates - combines yoga and pilates - cost including p&p for both has come to £5.

    You are an encourager though you may not know it, keep it up ! Wishing you all the best.

  • Thanks Pollyette - I will take a lookie.. Thank you for your encouragement 😊

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