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Podcast 5 looms!

Can't be as tough as the dreaded W5R3 run, surely! I see from this blog that many people continue doing it on a regular basis, as part of their fitness routine... ;-)

Anyway, level 4 done. No major surprises. Body starting to feel stronger and more flexible... especially first thing in the morning, after a nice long stretch in bed before getting up.

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You'll definitely feel the benefits with your running con-brio. Once you've completed the plan, there's a version of podcast 5 without the intro and outro (which you'll probably know by heart by now!).

BTW, I'm looking to interview someone who completed S&F for the NHS Choices website. It would be a short phone interview designed to inspire others to get more active. Could I interest you in this?

Cheers! Steven


Thanks, Steven, I'll download the shorter version as soon as...

Regarding the phonecall... maybe... I'm in Italy BTW.