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intense itchy rash

I've got an intensely itchy rash on my hands and forearms. I saw the GP on Tuesday who prescribed an antihistamine (no relief) was sent to have a blood test too. Saw another GP today as the itchiness is driving me insane- blood results back which showed I have a high WBC count. Giving 2 different creams and have to go for another blood test. The GP I saw today said to contact her again on Monday if still no improvement. Seeing the rheumatologist in April. Hoping for some answers. Has anyone else experienced this?? x

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*prescribes E45* >.> there's not much I don't use this stuff for.

If the antihistamine hasn't worked, it's probably not an allergic reaction (at least not anything relatively common). The blood tests are probably to check for any particular viruses or diseases.

That said, if you have a high white blood cell count, this may mean that you're having an auto-immune attack. Scleroderma is pretty much in line with this.

If neither E45 nor the prescribed creams work, you'll want a numbing agent. (probably what one of them happens to be). Any local anaesthetic cream should do, ask for Pharmacist for a quick run down of what's available. You could also try cooling/soothing creams which are available off the shelf.


You *could* if feeling adventurous make up your own cream.

Some tips:

In order to make it an effective medicinal could mix in some carbolic acid. (About 1% of the total mixture so not a lot), that'll give it the numbing effect you want.

Germolene (from lloyds pharmacy) is an off the shelf product ^-^ which contains Carbolic Acid (although under a different name).


A couple of months ago I got an intensely itchy patch on the in-step of my foot. The Dr gave me Elecon... didn't work. Then the Dermatologist told me it was Psoriasis, which does happen if you have Raynauds (which I never knew) and he prescribed Dovobet gel. Very good, it's really helped! Hope that helps you.


Oh my1 I am very sympathetic as I know what a nusiance the skin irritation is like. I've suffered with this for many years, long before I was diagnosed. Over the years I don't think there are any pills and potions left to try. I use Aqueous cream, emulsifying ointment or baby soap for bathing/showering. Use olive oil or any organic oils for your skin ecpecially at bedtime.

Some folks don't like oils but I was brought up on coconut oil for skin and hair care which I'm back to using. I make up my own orgainic skin and hair care recipes. Wonderful and delicious smells after a shower and into nice warm PJs and under the duvet.

Make sure to protect your hands when cleaning and washing up dishes. Even the mildest detergent can irritate and cause much discomfort. Continue with the antihistamine but if it's not effective your doc will try another. There are many to choose from, it's just finding one that works for you. You may need a prescription cream (like hydrocortisone) to use for a short while. Next time you see your doc ask what the blood tests are for. I'm sure he/she will be happy to explain and hopefully reassure you.

All the best.



the GP prescribed Eurax lotion and Betnovate cream. The GP recommended using the Eurax first for 24hrs then if no relief to use the Betnovate. I still feel itchy but not as intense. The GP said from my blood results it looked like a bacterial infection somewhere, although my arms are red its definitely not cellulitis and its not psoriasis. This is the second time its happened, this time though it is more intense. I'll have to see how it goes over the weekend. :)


If I'm right Betnovate is a stronger cream than hydrocortisone- this last 12 months I feel like I've lived at the dr's surgery...been there so many times!!


i suffered with this for about 3 months, i still do to a lesser degree. it was yet another symptom of my scleroderma showing itself. This was before diagnosis when a new symptom would occur almost weekly and i thought i was going mad


now been prescribed antibiotics, the GP thinks its all connected to having this mixed connective tissue disease...seeing the rheumatologist in April...could have got some wire wool out on my hands and arms last night as they were so itchy!!!


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