Itchy palms of hands and soles of feet

Can't imagine that this has any relevance to Raynauds and Scleroderma but last Monday the palms of my hands began to itch and also the soles of my feet were very hot and itchy - felt as though I couldn't stand still as it was so irritating. Went to GP who asked all the usual questions - have you changed washing powder, used anything new on your skin. Answer to both these questions - NO. He prescribed an antihistamine - Fexofenadine and also gave me some Eumovate Cream. Yes, the meds have stopped the itching but |I'm wondering how long I will have to keep on taking - I think I take enough tablets already without adding more. Have tried leaving off the antihistamine but the itching comes back and I have to give in. Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

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  • Hi Nannysue, I actually have that all the time, hands and feet, though have to say I've suffered from Eczema all my life - since I was about 3 months old. The itching really starts when I'm stressed or tensed. I now use a daily shampoo (yes it's a shampoo but used as an all over shower gel - hope that makes sense?). The shampoo is provided to me on prescription called Nizoral or Ketoconzole 2%. It can be bought over the counter. As I say it's actually kept at bay until I become overstressed and then I use Fucibet. I suffer from this on my hands and feet and occasionally my face. Been using this shampoo now for about 6-7 years - a lifesaver. I don't think it's linked to Raynaud's but I could of course be totally wrong.

  • Should have said Fucibet is a combination of an emollient and hydro-cortisone.

  • Hi

    Don't worry about taking fexofenadine long term I have been taking non stop for 14 years to damp down my allergic responses so keep up with it for now and give your body time to adjust you might find that in a few weeks that you will be able to stop taking them, at least it's only once a day!!

  • For a few months before I began to suffer from Raynaud's, I got terribly itchy palms. It lasted for about two months and I've never had it since. I also later got a very itchy scalp, but that also went after about two weeks. Then my hair began to fall out. That was 19 years ago and, apart from the permanent patches of hair loss, I haven't had any itchiness since then.


  • Think itchyness must have something to do with Raynauds I often have it especially my feet think it must be connected to circulation it especially happens when my hands and feet warm up or when they become hot in bed and I have to sleep with my feet out of bed

  • I have Raynauds, and this same thing happens to me too! But I also get eczema, so I can't figure out which is causing the itchiness

  • I have had one itchy palm and itchy sole of one foot for over ten years and like you, I am on antihistamine and creams. I tend to have very sensitive skin and don't use scented soaps and perfumed or perfunes creams and moisturisers. I use baby soap and all natural oils which do not irritate. Coming back to the itching of the hand and foot, no name as been put to it so I'm not sure if it is Scleroderma. I also get a lot of generalised skin itching especially at bedtime. My legs and back are covered with ugly dark patches which has been appearing out of the blue for over ten years also. They itch like crazy as well. I was refered to a Dermotologist who saw me a few times, tooks skin biopsy to see if I had Lupus. The itching of the soles of your feet and the palm of your hands I'm sure, is a symptom of the autoimmune syndrome. I don't know what my dermatologist concluded, except that there were some abnormalities noted from the biopsy. I stopped attended that clinic as he gave me the immpression he thought I was wasting his time. I have dark skin so said he couldn't see the patch on the hand and kept telling me that the spots on my legs were due to injury after I gave him the history of the rashes. I did remind him it is my body so I am quite aware of the origin of the rashes. I still get them, a back scratcher sleeps on my bed with me. The itching drives me crazy so I know how you feel.

    Your itchiness is more than likely due to your Raynaud's. Ask your doc to refer you to a good dermatologist so you can at least get a diagnosis but yes, this is one of the symptoms of the whole autoimmune thing.

  • When I was newly diagnosed with Raynauds and Scleroderma, I had periods of intense itching in the soles of my feet. No amount of scratching or rubbing relieved it. The palms of my hands began peeling in dry blisters.

    I complained to my Rhematologist and he believed it to be a symptom of inflammation. He must have been correct because once the medication was able to reduce the inflammation, the itching went away.

  • I had the extreme itching with bleeding cracked fingers for four years until I discovered Urea Cream --- it's a lifesaver for me. Getting the necessary strength, 40% or 50%, in the U.S. requires a prescription but it is sooooo worth it. Using it on my hands generously every night keeps the ezcema at bay. I don't seem to have Raynauds, but I do have Sjogrens and Scleroderma.

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