itchy!!!! any ideas??

me again!!! just this last week the tops of my hands are very itchy and i get tiny hard spots, not visable but i can feel them...also the tops of my feet, top of big toe and around my ankles are very itchy too, no spots but sometimes looks like i have a nettle rash on the top of my toe...oh also on the backs of my wrists...the itchy is always on both sides at the same time...its not an allergic reaction or anything like scabies but its really annoying me!!! any ideas??? thank you x

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  • Hi Kerry, I have the itches and lumps, nothing I can do about the lumps but the itchy I use either Hydrocortisone, or Fucibet for eczema and as you say it's never just one hand or one foot, it's both feet or both hands.

  • Hi Kerry, I'm new to this site. I've had Raynaud's all my life. I didn't know what it was until I was diagnosed with lupus a few years ago, & started to do some research. I get these little lumps too. When I get them on my toes it effects the nail growth & my nails become white & crumbly. A bit like CardiffLady's foot picture! I was tested for fungal infection & that was ruled out.

    I've recently started to get them on my shins, as well as very itchy patches around ankles. I wonder if it's some kind of vascuilits. But it's never there when I go to see the rheumatologist, so haven't got any answers for it yet. I'll be interested to see what other answers you get on here.

    Best wishes. X

  • thanks...I think im seeing the rheumatologist in january so if he says anything ill let you know doesnt feel like dry skin but i think im going to look in my first aid box as im sure i might have some cream in there that i can try...its just annoying cos when its itchy i sit and scratch it for a good 10 minutes!!!

  • Use an antihistimine like Claritin or Zyrtec,ect. our condition causes allergic reactions along with the dry skin. When I first became sick with scleroderma,12 yrs. ago my stomach and ankles itched so bad I dug ulcers in my ankles that took months to heal and left big scars.

  • The hard bits could be a build up of calcium. Calcinosis. I get this occasionally. Most times it is no more than an irritant. But with the cold weather some of the lumps have caused the skin on my fingertips to split and there is an ulcer forming on one.

    Try not to let the skin split. But if it does, do your utmost to prevent any infection.

  • I have the same problem especially when I'm getting tired or need to use the bathroom. I use Benadryl cream and/or pills. Have your liver function levels checked. I have primary biliary cirrhosis due to the Sceroderma and it causes itching...Good Luck!

  • Hi I had the same problem.. turns out it was my meds I was taking as soon as I stopped talking the rash went away... X x

  • hi again, the itching has started again, last time it lasted for about a week...its started again on Monday!! my hands are intensly itchy and I can feel bumps all over them. Saw the GP yesterday and started me on an anti histamine tablet also had lft and fbc bloods done, will see another GP next week who specializes in skin conditions x

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