Finally People who are like me

Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I am so grateful to Nicola Whitehill who told me about this site. I have suffered for years with Raynaud's but have only just found out I have it after my wonderful new GP finally listened and knew what was wrong right away. I am 29 years old at the moment and feel like a weight has been lifted off my hubby and I's shoulders knowing there is groups and people out there to help us when we need it and help answer question when we have some. Keep up the great work.

Just An Update

Just had my Nifedipine increased which seems to be helping still having the odd moments where I go really cold in my hands and feet which means the gloves have to go back on and I have to put socks on my feet to get them warm again. My Hubby is being amazing with everything that is going on. Got another blood test soon as I also have an extra anti body in my blood which they need to keep an eye on and another check up with my GP to do with my Raynaud's and the increased dose of Nifedipine. Just waiting now for the Summer to come hopeful it be better then last year.

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  • Hi plum3010, welcome. Yes it's nice to know you are not alone :)

  • Plum3010,

    Now you know what you have. You should give your husband permission to nag you to wear gloves or thick socks when it's just a little chilly.

    I'm the wife of a sufferer... I gently remind him by hiding gloves & socks in pockets

  • Hi flossydoris, my husband said he will nag me to wear gloves and thick socks. He has put some gloves in a couple of my handbags so if it starts to get chilly then I know I have gloves with me all the time.

  • Welcome to our group.

  • Hi Plum - welcome and yes, you are not alone.

  • Hey Plum ! great to see you here with the gang ! One of the beauties of posting here is that the post is not visible to all and sundry of your facebook friends ! I am back in hibernation today with my eskimo outfit on..... Living THE dream haha :) x

  • Hi there and welcome to the site where everyone is friendly and helpful. There's always someone who will have an answer to your questions and I personally have found it very useful. :-)

  • Welcome indeed! I know how you feel about finally having a diagnosis and to find this forum. I stumbled upon the RSA website and this forum one weekend not so long ago and could cry with relief to read the comments of others. I have learnt so much and am able to share some small ideas and offer some words of encouragement to others from time to time. I am sure you will benefit much from this experience. I'm glad your friend was able to direct you here. I had no idea that there was so much involved with Raynaud's in particular and Autoimmune Syndrome in general. I have discovered that there are many much worse than I am. To those I send all best wishes and the same to you Plum. Welcome again.

  • Hi Plum.......welcome to the group will always find someone to share a problem with...and you will always find someone to offer you support and to offer you helpful advice....remember to consult with your nurse specialists and look on line at the Raynauds and Scleroderma web wishes and good luck x

  • welcome plum 3010 all the people on the site are very helpful with advice best wishes

  • I certainly do appreciate this website, Plum. We continue to share, learn, exchange info and testimonies, and support one another through this ideal communications tool. Welcome, I'm sure you will find this website friendly and supportive. Take good care, and GOD bless you, Plum.

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