Help- Itchy skin/dermatitis?

Help- Itchy skin/dermatitis?

Hello everyone, I would like some advice or whether people are suffering similar. I have had some itchy patches come up on my palms, the top side of my arm next to my elbow and soles of my feet. They are like tiny little bumps under the skin, which itch and then become more raised, after a few hours there is a dry skin patch and the bumps disappear for a while then reappear somewhere else nearby. They appear in small groups of two up to ten little bumps. I saw a pharmacist on Friday who suggested it may be contact dermatitis and sold me some hydrocortisone cream which hasn't helped at all. I am wondering whether it is at all linked with the Raynauds and the chill blains I had over the winter (for the first time) and linked in with the immune system not working efficiently as it could etc. Any comments would be welcome. Thank you

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  • I have went to a Dermatologist and I have Scleraderma . He diagnosed me cellulitis , and put me on a steroid cream . Been using it for over 2 weeks now . Clearing it up pretty well . I have it on both legs from knees to feet . Ithe started on the top of my head . My primary Dr said it was a allergic reaction . I seen my R.A . She is the one who sent me to the Dr's . Best thing I ever did . Thanks for letting me share with you .

  • I have something like it. I put sudocream and it helps.

  • Hi zenabb, has yours been given a name? I will try sudocream too. Thanks

  • I had that for years, and years, also treated with cortisone creams, which resulted in very thin skin, over the years. I feel for you, I really do, especially if yours is as itchy as mine was. I had the most unconventional treatment for it, but it disappeared completely !!!

  • Hi Lynnie, thanks for taking the time to reply, im intrigued by your unconventional treatment if you are happy to share with me?

  • I don't think you'd get anybody in this country to agree to it, I had mine done in South Africa, and my hands were severely affected, but I had 3 doses of radiotherapy, 100th of the dose given to cancer sufferers. it worked though, and I've had no recurrence whatsoever.

  • Wow thats serious stuff. Glad it has worked for you though.

  • After suffering with it for so many years, throughout raising two babies, quite frankly, I would have done anything !!... Mine was localised to both hands, even under the nails, causing them to lift, putting my hands in water, ANY water was agony, so I grabbed the offer with both of those itchy, blustery, sore hands .

  • My apologies....blistery hands.

  • I lost my nails through this also!x

  • Sounds horrendous. Well done you.

  • I have this exact same thing. I was diagnosed with raynauds in my early teens and at around 16 similar rashes to yours appeared. It appears cyclical and settles and flares but never completely goes, it is only ever on my palms. Visited a dermatologist when was 19 and they had no clue as to what it was. Steroid creams were heavily prescribed and I thought they helped but the cycle is the same now with 6 years of no use!

    I've been feeling particularly rotten for the past two years and have just this week seen a rheumatologist who is testing for connective tissue disease and sjorgrens, and a newly discovered heart murmur! He was clueless towards this skin issue as well.

    Not much help I'm sorry, but if you get an answer I'd be interested!


  • Thanks Ali I will keep you posted. I hope you get some answers too.

  • With raynauds sufferers, it appears that it appears in specific areas. Mine was both hands, between the finger,but it stopped at my wrists.

  • Thanks Lynnie, what have you found successful in treating it?

  • After suffering with it for around 10 yrs, cortisone tabs helped, but only as long as I was taking them. As they eventually caused gastric problems, I had to stop. I eventually had radiotherapy, 100th of the dose used for cancer sufferers, once a week for 3 weeks, and it worked !!!!!... Never had it since, and that was the early 80's...

  • I so glad for you that you have found something that worked for you. Thank you for sharing.

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