Amitriptyline - has anyone tried this for pain relief?

My main problem is painful, sore fingers. I can pretty much tolerate and cope with the pain during the day but at night it can become unbearable and make sleeping impossible. Have tried all the usual - paracetamol, tramadol, zapain etc and now my gp has suggested I try Amitriptyline which, although an antidepressant, is also used for nerve pain relief. Has anybody else tried this medicine and with what result. Thanks for any answers I receive

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  • Yes was prescribed that by the Pain Clinic in January this year. For me it knocked me out for 18/20 hours a day and that was just one tablet. Was supposed to have up to 5 tablets :( So no idea if it worked as I was comatose on it. But everyone is different so no harm in trying it.

  • What dosage were you on? I think my gp suggested 10mg per day (haven't picked meds up from chemist yet)

  • Hi, it raises the pain threshold and it relaxes the muscles at night to help aid sleep lol.

    It helps some people but not all.


  • Hi nannysue, I have been taking amitriptyline long term for pain.....and I must honestly say that it does help control my symptoms......I take 50 or 60mgs around 6pm in the evening....I find that taking the medication at this time gives the medication time to get into my system so that I am ready to go to bed around 10 or 11pm. This way I find I have a good nights sleep and I don't have the hang over effect during the day......When I was first given the drug I was tired all the time and I was unable to function, but now I am fairly well controlled.... I would recommend taking the drug because I find that it does help with is also safe to take with other pain of luck x

  • After trying many things for pain the doctor suggested Amytriptyline a small dose because it regulates pain in the brain. I find that it works for me. It does not remove all pain but works for acute pain.

  • Thanks everyone for your answers. I will definitely give it a try - presumably I start at a low dosage and then work up to whatever suits me. Anyway, thanks again all - it's comforting to know that there are others in similar situations to whom you can turn for advice.

  • Just to say that I have also taken it and it worked wonders, although like most anti-depressants, it will make you feel sleepy for the first few days. Good luck, I really hope it helps you.

  • I take Amitriptyline to help me sleep as I was told it relaxes the nerves which should help me sleep. Although I'm not in much pain it does help me sleep better than any other drug I've tried (and I've tried a lot!). I still wake up during the night but I get back to sleep reasonably quickly but it does leave me groggy in the morning. I did stop it for a while but struggled to get any sleep so had to go back on it. I take up to 100mg but normally about 75mg each night. Starting at a low dose is a good idea and definitely take it earlier in the evening so it has time to kick in before going to bed. I hope it helps you!

  • Hi

    I've taken this drug for 5 or 6 years, for nerve pain in my feet. It's wonderful. I started on 10 mgs, and increased it to 25 mgs after a time. I've taken 25 mgs since then, and find it helps my bowel pain too. It doesn't make me drowsy the day after, but does dry my moth.


  • I have taken Amytriptyline for several years to control my migraine which works wonders but I have only recently started to suffer from raynaurds so I suppose it dosen't work for me.

  • Hi. Yes Amitripyline is great for pain plus it gives me a full nights sleep.. I've been taking this medication for several years and I take 3x 50mg tablets at bedtime and it certainly works well for me.. One thing, It's not safe to drive after taken this medication, until you sleep it off as it makes me very groggy.

    It's best to start on a far lower dose and increase the strength slowly, over quite a long period,,, As with all antidepressants it will make your mouth very dry, so drink plenty of fluids when you take this medication....

  • I was started on 30mg a night & it was the best sleep I'd gotten in over 10 years. I must add though it never did anything for my pain (I was put on it for my chronic EM, not Raynaud's) When I increased it to 50mg a night it was a very different story. I was waking constantly choking (it gives you a very dry mouth) & I was having really nasty nightmares with it constantly night after night. So much so that I stopped taking it myself in one go, rather than coming off them slowly as you're supposed to do. The annoying thing is although the lower dose helped me with my sleep each night (I usually only get 4 hours a night) I was also very sleepy throughout the day, all day. It was a kind of doped up, can't be bothered tiredness in the daytime, not actually sleeping.

  • i was given amitryptiline 50mg at night for nerve pain,severe aching pains up and down both arms and hands, constantly,but worse at night... sooo bad,i have fybromyalgia too ,tried everything going,all sorts pain killers etc and when the doc gave me the low dose antidepressant i was unimpressed to say the least and was very very down,IT WORKED!!!! gave it a few weeks and it has kept them at bay,been taking them 4 yrs now and still working

  • I have been taking Amitriptyline for quite a few years for my back pain and arthritis in general . I am not sure how much it helps because I take other pain releiving medication as well. I take 50mgs at nights and have no ill effects from it. It makes no difference to my insomnia but I beleive it helps me a bit.

    Every patient is different so I would say to you, try it and monitor it's effect and let your doctor know how you find it.

    It may not take all the pain away but it may make you feel more relaxed and cheerful.

    Good luck from Graygirl1.

  • Hi, do any of you who are on amytriptyline notice that it makes you go to the toilet less frequently and you therefore gain weight i.e. water retention? I might be barking up the wrong tree here but just wondered if anyone else had noticed this.

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