Anyone have severe hip pain?

I have secondary Raynauds and haven't been formally diagnosed with what the underlying cause is. I have been having horrible back and hip pain (only on my left side) I don't remember injuring it, so I guess I am trying to figure out why it hurts so badly. I am having trouble sleeping, bending, getting dressed because it hurts so much.

I am going to the chiropractor today to see what they can do, but if he can't I guess I will be going down the Pop-a-Pill Highway and see a "real doctor"

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  • I haven't got severe hip pain but I have recently noticed some hip pain. I would suggest seeing your doctor and if he/she can't help ask to be referred to a rheumatologist.

  • Yes I have hip pain, but I have had it Xrayed and have been told that some time in the future I will need a replacement. In the meantime I was sent to a physio, who gave me exercises to strenthen the muscles around it. I have done these daily for the last 2 years and it really hasn't got any worse. I would suggest that you see a rheumatologist and get it checked out, you'll probably need an Xray

  • I have had the hip pain for a few years now with no dx. of any underlying issues e.g. arthritis or any of that been through a battery of tests...we suspect it has to do with sugar intake because i notice it more if i have sweets e.g. cake, wine...if i take the hot baths it helps immensely. Not sure if those of you here have replied to my post about putting a poll is entitled Raynauds and Dx. Health Issues posted by Coldtoes [me-mine] take a look and see if you want to fill that in...a few weeks and I will send the 'table' in and ask for a poll questionnair for the group. Many thanks, and stay warm!


  • Hi i put similar question up last week but it's my right side hip. I was diagnosed with Raynauds 13 years ago and take nifedipin, hips started about 4 years ago and i was constantly told it was down to me having a neck thats not 100% straight, when pregnant i was told it GPD and now i think Gp's think its due to my Post natal depression. I have recently change GP @ my surgery and she is brillant (others were male), just going through different test @ mo - blood test all ok ( for immflammatory markers or something), but have to repeat my urine test for 3rd time in a month, as had too much protein in last 2 ???? (GP wondered if it could be my kidneys) have been x-rayed and nothing and have been to physio and simple xrays made it worse. Hopefully will get to bottom of this but am happy at least it is now being investigated. Sorry to not be of much help

  • Ii have had the same experience as Yorkie. You need a rheumatologist but at the same time you can develop some arthritis or something like that. You need to be X-rayed and refer yourself for physio.

  • I have pain in both hips, was sent to the hospital for Xray and MRI scan, it showed up nothing and was sent for physio, after a month was told to just to continue with the exercises at home, have carried on with them but still have to walk with a stick on bad days, go and see your doctor they should help.

  • Found out I have a strained hip flexor. I have been stretching it out everyday and going to the chiropractor. It's helping. Running doesn't seem to bother it at all, which is strange. I won't give up running. It gets my blood pumping and makes me feel fantastic. Also I tend to gain weight pretty fast and if I stop running I get fat. LOL

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