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Does any suffer with myofascial syndrome ? If so, is there treatment ?

I have CREST (LSSc) which I have had for almost 8 years now - recently I have developed horrible upper back & neck pain - rapid onset - one morning could not move - in the thoracic area area of spine. That was 4 weeks ago -

This horrid muscle spasm has affected me for 4 weeks now I am desparate. Can anyone help ? or advise ? Thank you feloow

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Hi Aliw, I have been diagonosed with CREST and suffer with very bad pain along my shoulder and right up my neck, also limited head movement due to the pain and at its worse it makes me feel quite sick. It gradually gets worse during the week while at work and eases slightly over the weekend. This can go on for weeks until I have a decent break then it slowly starts up again. I take Ibuprofen to get by and warm baths or heat on the neck., I expect you already do this. Some nights I take Ibuprofen just to get a decent nights sleep due to the joint and muscle pain/aches and at times feel decades older than I am. I know this won't help you, but sometimes it is good to find that you are not alone. I am waiting for my Rumy appointment, late as usual, to discuss this with her as I never know if it is due to this disease or not as I find it all rather confusing.

Take care



Hi Newton , Thank you for posting - are you in UK ? -

I am so sorry to hear about your pains - it's so frustrating -isn't it. Sometimes I find that just having a name for something helps - or a diagnosis... then I can understand it more.

I am guessing as we have this connective tissue disease this muscle / c.tissue problem could be part of the whole thing.....

I just feel I want to let my head flop & as much as I try to relax there is this horrible dull aching/ tightness. Anti inflammatories just seem to aggravate my stomach !

Take care xx


I went to my GP and he told me to geet some physiotherapy and it works as long as I do the exercises. It's not a cure but it helps a lot.


How much ibrupofen are you taking? You can take up tp 600mg three times a day with food. If that isn't working you need something stronger from your doctor. If whatever they give you doesn't work don't suffer in silence

Also get some physio or some acupuncture which can work wonders on shoulders and necks



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