General rant about air conditioning !!!

Ok so the weather has been fantastic, I recently had iloprost so am doing really well with the old raynauds, its barely affecting me at all (if i get moments it doesnt last long and is simply an annoyance rather then fully getting in the way) thats until i try to do that almost impossible task that lots of us girls like to do - SHOPPING.

I walk into a cloths shop from ourside and it feels llike i have just gone to flipping antartica - whats with the air conditioning being on so high it really isnt warm enough to warrent it being on at all - let alone so cold. To be honest like most people i think its the temprature change that hits me but never the less cant we all just enjoy the warm.

I leave the clothes shop and pop into the book shop not so bad but still on, after a browse around i go into the shoe shop - well you can forget it i didnt even last long enough to look around.

So needless to say my shopping trip gets cut short because i cant be doing with having to put up with painfull hands when i just want to enjoy some leisure time.

I think we should all go round and secretly brake all airconditioning lol :) It would definatly save me from standing outside a shop putting on gloves etc just so i can enter.

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  • Know exactly where you are coming from kaz321, I have recently gone through a bad experience in work which caused me so much stress that I was referred to the works doctor who wrote a report to my HR department informing them of my condition and all the effects it can have on me. Cutting a long story short, they gave me a job in an air conditioned office where I have been for the last 5 months, wearing gloves and scarf and hot water bottle to keep warm. One of my responsibilities is to ensure that the building is in working order, and a few (normal) people were complaining to me about the air conditioning being too cold (hooray, it's not just me then) so I got on to the engineers who tried to correct the thermostat but it then would only work on HEAT or COOL, no AUTO temperature. That was 2 months ago now so I have switched the air con off completely and am just telling people that the engineers are still working on it and it doesn't work at all (tut tut!!) The office is better for me to work in now but I don't know how long I will be able to tell people that we are still waiting for it to be fixed. Even now I still have to put extra layers on and my gloves at times cos they open the windows. It's may sound silly, but I have to now and again go outside the building to warm up! This is a horrible condition that no one who doesn't suffer with it can possibly understand the pain that we go through.

    Wishing you more good days than bad x

  • I like your plan about the air con being 'broken' lol.

  • Hiya i know the feeling i have had shopping trips like this, where i go into a shop and walk out immediately. i work in a shop and also another colleague has raynauds, so thankfully the shop temperature when we are both one togther is well regulated. Don't they realise they regulate air condition temperatures.

  • I must of been the only person on the country who entered a shop last Saturday and headed to the down-filled jacket section to try on the selection of winter mountain expedition gear! lol

    As soon as I got in the shop it was a case of layers on, gloves on - full drill! Nothing like drawing attention to yourself.

    Couldn't wait to get back outside!

  • its not only air con its cold cabinets as well our local asda 's murder to shop in .

  • Too true! Last friday 25th ,to do a food shop, before I left the house ( approx 25 degrees outside ) I donned thermal leggings, vest and sox plus long sleeved t-shirt and trousers. Before entering the shops I also put on coat and gloves. How rediculous is this. People do look at you a little oddly, just as well they can't see what's underneath. You then come out to bright sunshine and melt. Still it was nice while it lasted. Cheers all, enjoy the holiday weekend!

  • I order all my food shopping on line and have it delivered too , i just cant cope in the large shops any more

  • The worst I have experienced is the food store at Marks and Spencer. The air conditioning is 'super-cooled' in every store. If I do have to go in for anything, I am togged up with gloves and don't hang about. Rush in, use the auto check-out and rush out again!!

  • I totally agree with all the comments on air conditioning and I do a 'spot the Reynauds person' in my local Sainsburys as like me they will look like they are dealing with an artic chill which of course we are. I have a friend who is non Reynauds but who registered a complaint with the Sainsbury's manager regarding the temperature being so ridculously cold as she was so uncomfortable shopping at our local store. I recently went on a coach and this air conditioning was full on and nobody was very comfortable.

  • I am new to this site and am glad that I found it. I feel really stupid wearing gloves etc. in high summer, in some stores, to the point that I have more or less stopped using these stores. Sainsburys and co-op, being the worst I have found locally. Why do they have to have the temp. so cold ? It must cost them a fortune which only adds to the cost of shopping to us and not to mention the impact on the environment with increased power usage. At one time I tried cod liver oil caps and they did seem to help so will prob go back on them. Also ginkgo biloba , obviously check out that they go ok with your meds. best wishes to all caz

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