Dilemma: Heating or Internet?

From my previous blog, you have have ascertained that my landlord hasn't put me in the best of situations. But I've been er...coping, with various different methods of staying warm. A sleeping bag and a couple of hot water bottles has been my main line of defence against Jack Frost and nightly I've been prepping the bedroom with candles and hot water bottles before I retire for the night, sometimes even with a hot flask of tea. Yes, it's that cold I might as well be a baby in Switzerland. (Which are kept outside in -5c temperatures to nap... you don't believe me do you? Well google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j... there ya go).

In between visits from my doctor, the Environmental Protection Officer and a number of repairmen, there was lots of something being done. I think they call it 'thinking' and 'taking notes' and 'leaving as quickly as possible'. I still have no central heating or hot water and it's now day 24. I have one halogen heater myself to warm up with. It's not a particularly good one...or rather than good it doesn't kick out that much heat. Now when the second set of repair men came to the property, mumbled a bit and then left, they did (thanks to my Landlord) leave a couple of special items behind.

Two convection heaters. After some fiddling around and playing a fun game to reorganise all of my items to use as few extension leads as possible I've discovered that I have a problem. In order to put a heater in the front room (other than the halogen heater) I must either turn off the computer and the internet or...not have heating (beyond the rather useless halogen heater). So right now, I have two heaters in the room which I can't use, one condemned, the other which doesn't even have a long enough cord with which I could hang myself so that's doubly no good.

I have a strong feeling I'm going to need to go out (hahaha...I mean amazon express...going out...HAH :D ) and purchase myself an extended lead so that I can use a spare socket from one room, pull the extension through, just so that I can power the heater. Another added expense I didn't really need at this time. I mean, I had to purchase a fresh batch of some little hotties, electric and some other essentials to help me keep warm...of course, this was all before the heater came. So since I'm low on funds I gotta wait until march before I can get heating. (Which I didn't realise before writing this blog entry). Well it's only five more days...how far can the temperature drop in five/six days?

I will in the mean time continue my routine to keep warm and try to use the heaters as effectively as I can around the house. They'll at least keep the bathroom...no it won't, can't get anywhere near a plug in there... the kitchen and the bedroom warm! :) I guess it's really a no brainer, I'll keep the internet on instead :D At least that way I can take my mind off being cold.

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  • Yes, the Internet keeps your mind busy. I think keeping busy important so as not to keep thinking on my ills. I hope that your heating problem will be soon resolved. Have you friends/ family to help?

  • Ah, no, not where I am at the moment. Aside from being socially awkward, all of my family is in the East Midlands area. Derbyshire/Leicestershire sort of direction.

    But that's good with me, I can deal with the majority of problems on my own anyway. It's just problems which creep up and are tedious to solve like this one which are frustrating :) .

  • have you tried the citizens advice, or age cymru (dont know how old u are ) or enviromental health...just trying to think of where u can get help from..take care

  • Not old enough to use age cymru that's for sure. I have actually previously pestered Citizens Advice about it...but they're pretty clueless about such matters, so they passed me off to shelter, the housing advice specialist. They weren't much cop either T-T. Nothing i can do in that respect.

    The environmental health were basically the people behind me getting those heaters! Wooo Now I have to wait for the repairs *sighs*

  • Hi there, I am shocked to find your in this situation. The landlord has a duty to ensure there is running water gas and electricity to the property or it is classed as not fit to live in and in such part of the contract has been broken. Personally lean on your landlord give them an ultimatum, if your renting straight from the landlord take a trip down to trading standards I would skip CAB as it takes a while to get in. Wish you all the best and hope you get your heating back ASAP ...

  • There's virtually no ultimatum I can give that won't result in me being kicked out and as Shelter informed me. If I provide my landlord with an ultimatum and they consequently evict me, the council likes to see that as: "Voluntarily homeless". (Information from Shelter).

    Basically, Shorthold Assured Tenancies that have 'expired' are just about the worst form of tenancy you can have >.<;

  • But thanks nevertheless ^-^

  • My life saver has been a fantastic brown furry electric throw. I bought it on Amazon for £34.99 and I have never been so comfortable and warm. I think you would soon make the cost of the item back as you save so much on your heating. Also perhaps you could buy an extension lead for all your plugs.

    Hope things get better for you.

  • Yep that's pretty much the plan, I just have to wait a few more days. At the moment, I've got the heater working by (don't try this at home folks) taking bits of wire apart and using them to create a faux extension lead. ;)

  • I also have that brown furry amazon throw. It is permanently attached to me Siamese twin styly! It's BLISSFULL

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