I just want air!!

Ok, I am glad it is warm and I am enjoying the sunshine, well as long as it has lasted!! But dang I am having a terrible time breathing. I feel like someone is sitting on my chest. I have to stop and take a deep breathe every 10 mins or so or I get so dizzy I fall over! Anyone else have more trouble breathing in the warm weather? And I seem to keep getting a weird nagging cough???

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  • Hi ukniv,

    Fortunately dont have troublle breathing and like most folks with raynauds do love the heat, specially when it's overcast as the sun affects my skin - I also have discoid lupus To answer your Q re cough I find pholcodine linctus helps tremendously Available O.T.C.

  • Like you, I am glad of the warm weather but my breathing is very laboured and at times I do have difficulty getting my breath even when I haven't been doing anything. We aren't allowed to open the windows at work and have no ventilation and I don't think that is helping my breathing at all, and feel so tired all the time. I can't sleep at night for coughing and have put this down to the dry air.

  • Don't have a cough problem, but air conditioning is a killer!

  • Are you on niphedipine? I am, and a doctor in the U.S. told me that in the summer the heat dilates the blood vessels + the niphedipine it gets to be too much. He said that I could reduce it a little but it can be dangerous and I have to return to my normal dose if my Raynaud gets worse.

    I have a cough which is worse at night because of my reflux which irritates my throat. My doctor gave me two inhalers and there is much improvement. My chest is O.K.

  • im getting probs at night with feeling something in my throat wakeing me up ,have shortness of breath walking .have inhaler for that .also have noticed when i have eaten im burping almost immediately .feels weird in my chest like my food hasnt gone down .

  • Yes, I have trouble getting enough air and of late, stumble quite a bit for no reason. I am scheduled for tests for EKG and whatever else he does at St. Thomas in Nashville. Can you tell me what to expect?

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