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Hi everybody, hope you are all as well as you can be. So off to Sainsburys to do my weekly shop, lanyard in my shopping bag, as I have said before I really dont want to advertise the fact I need help. Halfway round I thought, "get it out and hang it on handbag" so off to the tills where I felt this is it, so placed it on top of my shopping! The cashier was brilliant, I asked her to put my things through slowly, which she did, commenting that there was no rush, so I gladly packed my shopping away, then it was pay up time, again I asked her to bear with me, and when she gave me my change I asked her to give me my coins first so I could put it away, and then the notes and receipt. All in all a very pleasant shopping trip!! I know that it should always be this way, but in this hurly burly world we live in, sometimes it takes just a reminder that there are people that need a little more time in doing things. I shall sign off now, and remember, Smile and wave folks, smile and wave xxx

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Hiya I wish they did the same for bus companies, when your trying to get my change it can be difficult, sometimes they patient, often there not, at least on here we talk with people who understand and make hers smile.

Take care and have a good Christmas 🎄

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Hi Bookworm, perhaps we ought to start a campaign, something along the lines of, reminding people "this is suppose to be a time of goodwill, so show a little patience, you never know it may become a habit" Take care xxx

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Sounds like a good idea

Hi fairy56, A good shop indeed. Things been a bit up and down here. Now in a panic over what to do first. Breathe, stand, clearup my home and then take stock. Life seems a bit muddled at the moment. December will come and go and then I will feel better. xx

Hi Debbie, whenever I feel overwhelmed by things, I take a break, and try to break things down into tiny things to do, rather than look at it as a great big problem. As for December, whilst everybody around me are making plans and shopping together, I carry on putting one foot in front of the other, and try not to look at all the families and couples out and about, there"s something about Christmas that makes me sad, it will be my seventh year, that I have put up the decorations by myself, they get less every year. So as you say December comes and goes, having said that there are some cracking good films on tv to watch! Final note, I find myself doing alot of deep breathing, you know the sort of thing, in through the nose, out through the mouth, is there any other way, I ask myself haha. Take care, and remember, to climb the highest mountain, we have to take the first tiny step. xxx

Awww fairy56

How wonderful for you dear. Sending you hugs and prayers for many more shopping 🛒 experiences like this one. Please take care.


You're always so positive fairy56 and I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Glad you've found a solution to your shopping experience! Keep well x

Hi Fairy56

Thanks for sharing your shopping experience. I'm glad you had a more positive time that made your life easier. This season of Advent, waiting for Christmas, can often remind us of how much brokenness there is within us and in the world around us. People struggle to do the external preparation with tree, presents, decorations and posher food, but our lives are still full of inner turmoil, pain and suffering. I look forward to Christmas and the promise of the deeper meaning, which is renewal and the lifting of all our burdens, healing and a new start. Jesus' birth in a stable 2000 years ago is still offering so much hope to the world. May your little efforts be made perfect and bring you all the joys of the Christmas season as you smile and wave!! 😀

Hi fairy56, you are a strong, brave, and relaxed person. I wish you continued perseverance in all you do. You are an excellent role model. Enjoy this season.

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Hi beaglab, thank you for your kind words, I think we all know that this condition is unique in the way it affects us, we all have our good days and our not so good days, and I must admit I have quite a few not so good days, I dont know if thats down to my depression or Ssc, but whilst I am able to overcome my not so good days, I can appreciate my good days. This site is a fantastic place, in as much as it is a place where we can support each other, and share our stories. Take care and once again thank you for your kind words xxx

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I am having some "not so good days" lately. The Raynaud's in my left hand has caused bad ulcers under my index fingernail. It hurts so much I can barely stand it. I am taking an antibiotic for the third week and cried a lot today. I am using Epsom salts to help heal the ulcer. Thank you for being supportive. I have not been on this site for a while. It helps to give support and gain some, too.

Sainsburys cashiers always go slowly for me, i always apologise to the people behind me in the queue. The solution, which i haven't done yet, is to use those little scanners. You shop straight into your own bags so all you do at the till is pay. Hooray all the people behind me would say. Sainsburys staff are very helpful. More than once I've asked if they could get md something I've forgotten, they are only too pleased to do so

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