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Hot hands on occasion

I had this for the past 10 years, it doesn't happen all the time. My wife said it was the gift Jesus gave me when someone needed healing, because her issue went away when my hands got hot and I prayed for her. Maybe so but my hands don't heat up all the time, sometimes in the morning when I wake and sometimes in the evening when I'm quiet. I'm retired and don't smoke or drink but I do have asthma since I was 15 years young, I use a Nebulizer (noun) when my rescue inhaler doesn't work and when it feels like someone is standing on my chest. I'm also a recent amputee from a older motorcycle accident in 8/1985, it severed my right ankle and the doctor put it back together. It swelled up one day and I couldn't walk on it anymore, they said they didn't have any answers so I asked to have it removed on 5/2015. Best thing I ever did, though I'm older it's taking longer getting it to the comfortable stage.

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Do your hand go very red and shiny with swelling at the same time as being hot?

If so, you could have Erythromelalgia. It usually starts off in the feet/foot or hand/hands, but not always (it started in my knees with me)

Maybe if you Google EM or Erythromelalgia and check your symptoms compared to what you find.

It will probably tell you it's very painful, but I had it for over 3 years before the pain kicked in, it was just hot, as if you've been standing by a fire for too long. (heat would radiate through my jeans from my hot knees - enough for me to warm my hands on lol)


For your sake I hope it's not Erythromelalgia you have because I wouldn't wish it on anyone for just a day, never mind having to deal with it for the rest of your life.

... Good luck finding out what it is that's causing your hot hands.

- Angela


I don't have pain, they just get hot, It doesn't make my hands sweat either, I use ice cubes in a sealed baggy to cool them down. Don't know what to make of it, my wife says I have healing hands as it's a gift from God. I've had these symptoms for 10 years, my wife is the only one who has been blessed with healing. Lol


I wasn't in pain the first few years when areas got hot. It was as if I had been too close to a fire when getting warm... You know its hot but it doesn't hurt. I never have sweated when flaring either. I think the lack of swaeatting is a factor to the heating because we sweat to cool down. No sweat = nothing to cool the area down. That's just my own thoughts though.

Now after some years on from just the hot areas, I now feel the pain - think of the feeling you get with fresh red raw sunburn as you peel yourself away from sitting on a leather couch! That's about as close as I can explain the kind of pain it is. (other than the same pain you get from putting your hand into an industrial deep fat fryer. Not many people would know how that feels, so go with the fish red raw sunburn feeling)

It's not the same pain you get with Raynaud's as it's warming the extremities aftet being numb. That burning feels like when you was a kid and had been playing snowballs, when you'd run your hands under the tap to warm up... That's the pain from Raynaud's - both are very different from each other.


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