Red Shiny Hands with Prominent Blue Veins on Backs of Hands

I am glad to have found such a helpful resource, thank-you. I am 66 years old, female and am back tracking to try and understand my health. As a teen I remember often having odd white fingers and quite severe chilblains on my fingers and toes, stopping at 18 when we moved to a warmer climate. Since then I have lived in different climates, including 12 years where it snowed each winter with no symptoms that I was aware of. Last week I was on the computer reading mostly and noticed my hands were bright shiny red with the veins on the backs protruding and bright blue, the colours were quite shocking, then parts went white. They were extremely shiny but no pain. Medical paramedics came and said it was Raynauds. I cannot think of what may have triggered this except earlier after applying a new skin care range to my face I felt a burning sensation. After washing it off, my face remained red in patches. I am quite fazed by all this especially why Raynauds would return after 50 years. I have just received many blood test results not yet discussed with my Dr but one of them was ANA Pos 1:640 Homogenous with a note from the pathologist saying pattern associated with SLE or drug induced LE.

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  • I am not sure what is your question. I get hands as you describe. But we get things happening in cycles. Perhaps yours is a long cycle, I don't know.

  • Thank-you zenabb. It helps to know the outbreaks can be cyclic.

  • I am not sure what my question is either. I am trying to make sense of everything :)

  • My hands would go like this when they are still for a long time and I would have to shake them about to get the circulation going again.

  • That is good to know. When it happened I though it maybe a pulmonary problem as that runs in my family. They were still when it happened so now I know what to do. Thank-you Bronagh2015 :)

  • Sounds like secondary raynauds IE a symptom of an autoimmune disease. I am sure your Dr will be able to give you lots more information id wait until then and until then - wrap up warm and take care of yourself :)

  • Thank-you The Bear. I shall and care to you too :)

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