No Pain, just hot hands and feet at night. Anyone else?

I was diagnosed with mild Raynaud's many years ago, but I don't think it is related. In the past, this symptom has waked me up. I go to the tub and run cold water over my feet. Then I come back to bed and rub hand lotion on my feet and hands. The evaporative cooling effect feels nice.

I think I know what I was doing to cause this (described in my 27 Oct 2011 post below). I've stopped it, and, so far so good. ******** UPDATE: THIS IS POSSIBLY RELATED TO MELATONIN - SEE MY POST BELOW OF 5 MAY 2013.

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  • This could be erythromelalgia. Often people with erythromelalgia also suffer from Raynaud's, so although the two seem very different, they can be related. For more information on erythromelalgia see

  • I've had Raynaud's for 25 years & taking medications most of those years for it (except when I was pregnant)

    Last year I was finally diagnosed with Erythromelalgia. Symptoms started some 5 years back but only mild. The past year it has progressed rapidly & the pain has intensified to a point that it's the first thing I think of when I wake up of a morning, wondering where it will strike me each day & how much pain it will cause. I also have both Raynaud's in my finger & at the same time, on the same hand I've had EM flaring up in my other fingers & hand. :-(

  • It would have to be erythromelalgia in a very mild form. I have no swelling, and discoloration is either minimal or none, but I must admit, at 3am when this used to happen, the priority was on cooling off and feeling sorry for myself, so I can't say that I examined the skin color closely!

    Again, absolutely no pain, just excessively hot hands and feet, so uncomfortable it would wake me up. Possibly a clinician would say, "No pain, not erythromelalgia."

    I've made a change, and (knock wood) this has stopped. Even so, I'm aware that many people suffer from the condition that I've described, and I would like to hear from them on this thread, even more so if they saw a doctor about it.

  • What changes did you make?

  • I just re-read the thread. I believe that "the change" I referred to was stopping occasional smoking in the bars. I'm continuing to never socially smoke. I also don't drink at all. My problem of hot hands and feet did briefly return a while back, but it was two or three years ago, and I can't remember the details. I'm back on Melatonin. Amazingly, I buy 1 MG tablets, chop them in half, and then bite that in half right when I get into bed. Just .25 MG makes all the difference, and I drop off to sleep within 15 minutes. I've always been tempted to say that doing carpentry-type projects plays a role in this problem, but I just did a week's long deck repair (very taxing!) and the hot hands and feet did not return.

  • I have Raynauds and erythromelalgia and they are definitely connected. I regularly have boiling feet during the night (and during the day if I walk a lot or have shoes on all the time - I wear flip flops if I can but that's becoming harder as it's getting colder). I'm curious to know what changes you've made? I've tried various things to cool my feet down (and at other times to heat them up) and also tried various medications but nothing's worked.

  • You may not be able to make the change I made, but reading my story may still offer some insight into what is heating up your feet.

    I used to smoke cigarettes every once in a while. I would go to the bars once every four or five months and sometimes smoke a few. I don't remember the exact timing on the after effect, which was night time hot hands and feet, but it seems to me there would be a delay. In other words, go out on Friday night, smoke a few cigs. Then, 72 hours later, Wednesday at 3am, wake up with extremely uncomfortable hot hands and feet. The problem would then persist for the next week or so.

    The damage to the hemoglobin may have inspired some red blood-cell recuperation process, perhaps over stimulated, resulting in my symptoms. Or, it could be an after effect of red blood-cell destruction.

    I once read a thread - on the same issue as this one - where a poster said he would wake up from hot hands and feet on some nights after he ate steak for dinner. This does not happen to me, but I recall having eaten steak in the "window period" (days after having had some cigarettes at the bar), and I think on those nights I may have been afflicted with hot hands and feet! Apparently red meat promotes red blood cell production.

    So, an area for you to investigate with your dr. is as follows: is your body either over-destroying or over-creating red blood cells. If you do, would you be so kind as to report your results back here on this thread?

  • oh-so that what it is. i also get this and have 2 ndry raynards

  • I have entirely quit melatonin, and this problem has subsided for me. The timing of these two events is a little fuzzy, but I'm about 80% sure on this.

    I read my earlier posts bout quitting smoking and the potential influence of red blood cell creation/destruction on this problem. I'm now less inclined to think that this was the problem.

    A history of my melatonin use:

    I began taking 3 mg per night during 1998. It completely solved my insomnia - a major personal problem for me. I stayed with it religiously. If I forgot to take it, I would jump out of bed after realizing this, take it, and then be asleep in 15 min.

    I'm 85% certain that I developed hot hands and feet during this time period.

    In 2006, out of an abundance of caution (I'm afraid of long term use of any drug) I began taking half-pills. I was happy and surprised to find that 1.5 mg still put me to sleep. I progressed to biting those half pills in half. The melatonin was still effective. This reduction may have caused a reduction of my hot hands and feet, but I know for sure that I still got acute occurrences now and again.

    Along about 2010 or 2011, the idea occurred to me to test whether or not my insomnia-inducing habit of going "from thing to thing to thing" when I laid down to go to sleep was even still there. So I stopped taking 1/4 of the 3mg pills, and discovered that I no longer require it. Again, looking back, I'm quite sure that this is when my incidence of hot hands and feet stopped.

    (Side issue: I quit alcohol entirely in Dec. of 2010. I am sticking with that - if alcohol caused hot hands and feet I'd expect that would be widely known.)

    Either way, my experience reveals two possible solutions for some people:

    1) If you take it, try stopping melatonin.

    2) Research and investigate if you are doing anything which could possibly be promoting either the creation or disruction of red blood cells (to include cession of all smoking, observe related effect from eating steak).

  • Hi there,

    I've had problems with my hands for years now and I keep trying to explain to people that it is NOT Raynaud's Phenomenon - there is no tricolour appearance! My literally hands go purple/blue and they're absolutely freezing! Sometimes fluorescent pink speckles appear and people have to see it to believe I'm not some kind of mentalist!

    But other times my hands go red hot (literally). I wouldn't say that they are painful, but more itchy and uncomfortable. I can make them go that colour by running them under hot water, but other times is just happens! Is this close to what you're describing?

    Tonight my hands were blue and I warmed them on my chest for about 5/10 minutes, but then they went red and hot, and the same happened to my ears!

    During the day my body feels like it's overheating while my hands are as cold as a corpse. It's rather annoying and it's horribly embarrassing when shaking peoples' hands!!! I don't want to go to the GP because I don't really think it's a "problem" that can be solved - all advice seems to be to just live with it...

    I'm 24, never smoker, not currently taking medication and have no significant past medical history. I drink socially, but not excessively.

  • i also have hot feet, i put lotion and socks(short stockings) so that my feet would sweat..weird, but thats the only way for me to make my feet feel warm and comfortable.. it sucks that almost 24/7 im wearing a socks.. i only wear close shoes.. if i wear sandal or slipper my feet would go hot and looks red :(

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